Cotton Mako’ Ne 28

Cotton mako’ Ne 28, 750 metre spools

 Ne 28  Decorative Thread (packaged on a grey spool) suitable for:

  • Decorative machine quilting thread
  • Machine embroidery
  • Machine Blanket stitch appliqué
  • Hand quilting
  • Hand embroidery
  • Domestic & Longarm quilting machines
  • A size 90 needle recommended


The Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 is slightly heavier (thicker) than the Ne 40 so it adds a great effect when you use it for machine quilting. It gives an extra dimension to the finished top.  

I have also always recommended the Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 for hand quilting.  

Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 is great for hand quilting

It is not wax, glazed or stiffened in any way so it sits in the needle nicely and looks wonderful on the quilt top.


  However if you are a fine hand quilter you might like to try Cotton Mako’ Ne 40.  

Don’t let yourself be limited by labels, and appearance. 

Even though the Cotton Mako’ threads are presented on spools, and are obviously designed to work on a sewing machine, they give beautiful results when used for hand embroidery.  

Cross stich embroidery using a single strand of Cotton Mako' Ne 28

Hand embroidery cross stitch on Aida 14, using a single strand of Cotton Mako' Ne 28

The thread sits in the needle well, pulls through the fabric effortlessly and looks so nice in the design. A single strand of Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 works well as a substitute for 2 strands of “stranded” embroidery thread.  It saves you the hassle of separating and realigning strands, it doesn’t separate & twist when you stitch and, because the thread is on a spool,  there is no wastage in your sewing basket as can happen with a “hank” .   

All the thread weights in the Cotton mako’ range are available in a small, mini spool, format as well as the large, standard spool. Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 mini spools hold 100 metres of thread and are available in the full range of 252 colours.   

The cotton Mako' "mini" spools
The cotton Mako’ “mini” spools

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read even more about the various thread weights or to purchase spools for your next project. 

Watch this space   

We are working to add some useful information to this page. We are working to add more useful information to this page.

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