Cotton Mako’ Ne 12

Cotton Mako' Ne 12, 325 metre spools
Cotton Mako’ Ne 12, 325 metre spools

Ne 12 Super Decorative Thread (packaged on a red spool)

The thickest thread in the Mako’ range, it is suitable for machine or hand work where the stitching needs to be well defined.   

  • Ideal when a very defined machine quilting stitch is desired. 

  •  Suitable for top stitching by hand or machine 

  •  Blanket stitch appliqué by hand or machine

  •  Excellent for embellishment & hand quilting

  •  Creative decorative textile art 

  •  Popular in Europe for heavy machine embroidered lace

  •  A size 100 needle recommended

  • Use Cotton Mako’ Ne 28, 40 or 50 in the bobbin


Machine embroidery, using Cotton mako' Ne 12

Machine embroidery, using Cotton mako’ Ne 12

Try your hand at machine or hand embroidery. 

Cotton Mako' Ne 12 is a great replacement for pearl embroidery thread
Cotton Mako’ Ne 12 is a great replacement for pearl embroidery thread

  Cotton Mako’ is available on both the 325 metre standard & 50 metre mini spools.

Hand Quilting with Cotton Mako' Ne 12

Gwen’s naive hand quilting with Cotton Mako’ Ne 12

Why not try Cotton Mako’ Ne 12 for the popular Naive (big Stitch) hand quilting. It travels through the fabric layers with ease and reduce the stress on your hands.


If you enjoy art quilting, & experimenting with thread, check out Melanie’s blog to read her review about Aurifil Cotton Mako’ Ne 12

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read more about the various thread weights or to purchase spools for your next project.


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  We are working to add some useful information to this page.

We are working to add more useful information to this page.


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  1. […] simply cut a length from the spool and start stitching. Cotton Mako’ 12 will be the equivalent of a pearl 12 thread or 3 strands of  “stranded” floss & Cotton […]

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