Hand Quilting

I really love working with sewing machines, especially my Longarm with “IntelliQuilter”,  so hand quilting is not my first love. However I have tried my hand at a few small projects.

I've dabbled in hand quilting

I have also had feed back from highly skilled hand quilters, such as Julie Adamson, who tell me that the Cotton Mako’ Ne 28 is a wonderful hand quilting thread.

“Hi Jenny, I don’t know if you remember me or not as you meet so many people.  I purchased some threads from you at an AQA meeting to try handquilting with. On my present project I am using one of your variegated threads and it is amazing.  It has a wonderful twist that doesn’t tangle as you pull it through all the layers.  It doesn’t fray at the needle head, nor does the thread length “fluff” with the constant pulling through.  It has a rich shine that enhances the quilting stitch.  I am so impressed with the result and the performance of this thread that I will be recommending it as my thread of choice.  (Last year at showcase I won the handquilting in the professional category and have won the handquilting in Adelaide the past three years).Kind regards, Julie Adamson. Melbourne”


Watch this space

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