Aurifil Brillo (pronounced Brrel-lyo)  is a new high performance thread.  

(Don’t be mislead by the similarity of the name to the Australian metal cleaning pad. The Brillo thread is beautifully soft & sparkly and stitches with ease)

The  unique  formula  (78% polyester & 22% nylon with a metal film) gives  this smooth metallic thread  the  strength to  travel  very  easily  through  the  machine needle.  

Ideal  for  quilting  and  embroidery,  Brillo   will give  your  creation a delightful brilliance!  

Aurifil Brillo, 200 metres of metallic thread on wooden spools

Available  in  32  colours, Aurifil Brillo   is   wound  on  “old  fashioned”  wooden  spools which are sure to appeal.. 

32 colours in the Brillo range

I hope you have fun playing with this thread, we did!

A sample stitched out in Brillo

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read even more about the various thread weights or to purchase spools for your next project.

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