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Aurifil was founded as a family business in Milan, Italy, in 1983. The original aim was to offer the professional embroiderer a wide range of threads suitable for multi-head, high-speed embroidery machines.

 Today, as well as being a popular embroidery thread, Aurifil is acknowledged by textile enthusiasts around the world as a reliable, superior quality thread. Patchworkers, embroiderers, lacemakers & textile artists have all embraced Aurifil Cotton Mako’, Lana & Aurilux with enthusiasm. They say:

 “It is a pleasure to stitch with these superior quality Italian threads”

“I love the extensive colour range & choice of thread weight”

“I appreciate how well the threads enhance my work”

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 Cotton Mako’ thread is made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton

Cotton Mako'

Cotton Mako’ thread weights & spool sizes

It is available in 2 spool sizes, plus cones, and is a mercerised cotton thread that performs extremely well in a variety of uses – hand sewing and quilting, machine sewing and quilting and all brands of long and short arm quilting machines. It is also ideal for detailed machine embroidery.

Cotton Mako’ is colour fast with a low lint factor – this is important when using a cotton thread to prevent colour runs and thread breakages and is available in 252 beautiful colours, including 36 variegated colours.  It  comes in 4 different counts, the choice of which will depend on your design purpose:


Use this chart to work out which Cotton Mako’ thread will suit your purpose


Cotton Mako’ 50 wt.    1300m &  200m spools    orange spool holder

Perfect for hand and machine appliqué. This fine strong thread results in flat seams when foundation piecing. It produces a subtle effect when used as a quilting thread and  is ideal for embroidery, thread painting and machine, bobbin & needle lace making.
Cotton Mako’ 40 wt.    1000m & 150m  spools
green spool holder
Extremely versatile thread for general sewing, patchwork  piecing, machine quilting, machine embroidery and appliqué.
Beautiful results achieved when machine quilting
Cotton Mako’ 28 wt.    750m & 100m spools
grey spool holder
Ideal when a more defined machine quilting stitch is desired.
Also suitable for top stitching & blanket stitching by machine.
Excellent for hand embellishing & hand quilting
Cotton Mako’ 12 wt.     325m & 50m spools
red spool holder
The heaviest thread in the range. Ideal for decorative embroidery &
quilting, lace making & hand & machine blanket stitch work

Lana Wool Blend thread is  made of 50% Australian wool & 50% Acrylic

Large spools of Lana hold 350 metres & small spools have 50 metres.

Large spools of Lana hold 350 metres & small spools have 50 metres.

It is a strong, textured thread, which  is suitable for machine or hand embroidery. Ideal for folk art appliqué designs and any other wool projects where you want the embellishment to match the fabric.

It is available in 192 colours including 12 variegated & 12 flecked / tweed colours on 350 metre spools.  It is an Ne 12 thread weight and is also supplied on a red spool base, the same as the Cotton Mako’ Ne 12.  However it is very simple to visually distinguish between the 2 threads.

Aurilux is made of 100% satin finished Polyester

Aurilux spool

Aurilux spool

This is a beautiful thread possessing all the brilliance of the best rayon, with the benefit of a satin finish, endowed with extra ordinary depth and luminosity of colour. It is suitable for both embroidery & quilting. Aurilux is available in 216 beautiful colours including 36 variegated colours and is a  36 weight thread supplied on an 1100 metre spool.

Brillo (Breel~lyo)

Brillo adds BLING!

Brillo (Breel~lyo) is  metallic thread with a core of 22% nylon & 78% polyester wrapped with a metalised film. It is a smooth strong thread which is easy to thread and stitch and is suitable for hand & machine stitching. It is currently available in 32 colours on 200 metre old style wooden spools

General Notes:

Aurifil threads are conveniently packaged

Thread information shown on the spool base

  • Colour code & dye lot numbers are shown on the base of spools
  • On standard spools the base can be gently twist to release thread for stitching then tightened when ready to lock thread for storage.
  • Spool holders are colour coded to identify thread type & weight
  • Supplied on generous spool sizes appeal to patchworkers & embroiderers
  • Spools are supplied plastic wrapped so that they remain clean when displayed in shops

November 2009

36 new colours have been added to the Aurifil Cotton Mako’ range.  Just look at these luscious plum shade, gorgeous soft greens and sumptuous yellows

(can you think of better words to describe these new colours?)

The 36 new colours introduced to the Cotton Mako’ range in November 2009

Cotton Mako’ Colour Chart, showing 252 colours, including 36 variegated colours

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