Aurilux  ….. satin finished polyester with the brilliance of rayon.

Aurilux, the satin finished polyester from Aurifil

Aurilux is made of 100% polyester. The satin finish endows the thread with an extraordinary depth and luminosity of colour creating a brilliance to rival the best rayon threads, making it an excellent choice for machine embroidery.  With 241 colours in the range you are sure to find the colours you need for all your designs.

An embroidery design, courtesy of Janice Heitbaum

Quilters also love these decorative threads for machine quilting as they can be used to add a touch of glitz to bed quilts. 

These "mock" metallics, gold & silver work beautifully for quilting when a touch of glitter is needed

Aurilux, an embroidery polyester rather than a dressmakers thread,  is also a good choice for quilting as it has a similar breaking strength to Cotton Mako’ Ne 40.  This means it has a compatible strength to cotton fabric, an important factor to consider when selecting threads for quilting patchwork that will be used everyday rather than being used as an art piece for display.

It is interesting to note that Polyester has an advantage over Rayon when used for quilting, as polyester has a good “wet” strength while Rayon tends to become weak when wet. This makes polyester the better choice for single lines of stitching on items that will be washed eg: patchwork quilts

A machine embroidery sample sent to me by a happy customer

The standard spools hold 1100 metres,  a generous spool size, making it possible to finish your design with minimum spool changes and thread breaks.

As with the Cotton Mako’ & Lana ranges, the spools have a convenient thread retainer base. Gently twist the base to release the thread for sewing & tighten the base when ready to lock the thread tails for storage. 

A multitude of uses for Aurilux

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read  more about the Aurilux range, or to purchase spools for your next project.

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