Lana Wool Blend

Lana wool blend thread, 350 metre spools

Aurifil Lana (Wool Blend)  Made in Italy from 50% Australian Wool & 50% Acrylic, Lana is an Ne12/2 weight thread. It is supplied on 350 metre spools and is  identifiable by the red spool base and soft nature of the thread.

Lana is a strong, textured thread suitable for machine or hand embroidery. This unique thread gives a soft finished appearance to woollen fabrics and is ideal for folk art appliqué designs and any other woollen project where it is desirable for the embellishment to match the fabric.

Machine embroidery stitched with Lana thread

Machine embroidery stitched with Lana thread

When machine stitching with Lana we recommend that you use a number 90 or 100 needle, loosen the top tension and increase the stitch length to allow the thread to sit on the surface of the fabric.  I have found Cotton Mako’ thread to be a good complimentary bobbin thread when machine stitching with Lana.

Projects stitched with Lana have similar care requirements to woollen fabrics eg:  They may be laundered to 40oC or dry cleaned. Use a cool iron when pressing

With a colour range  of 192 colours including 12 variegated & 12 flecked / tweed colours you will be sure to find the colours you need for your projects.

A selection of the 180 colours available in the Aurifil Lana range

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read even more about Lana wool blend thread or to purchase spools for your next project.

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