Learn two beading techniques with Lisa Walton

Lisa Walton was the 2010 recipient of the “Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship for Quilting Teachers”, awarded by Karey Bresenhan of the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

As part of the award she was required to mount an exhibition of her work, and that of her students, in Houston in 2011.

Orvieto Memories, one of Lisa Walton's quilts exhibited at Houston in 2011, was pieced and quilted using Aurifil Cotton Mako' thread

Lisa’s work is modern, and innovative, so  Aurifil was very happy to sponsor her exhibition to Houston.

Watch the video to see more photos of great quilts made by Lisa and her students. Be sure to watch through until the end to learn two simple techniques to add some beading bling to your own quilts.

I know you will enjoy using these beading skills.  See more of Lisa’s work on her blog

If you want to make some great quilts for yourself, and love the thought of quilting in Italy, follow the link to find out  more about joining Lisa in Orvieto in September

Go on, treat yourself ….

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