Cotton Mako’ Ne 40

Cotton Mako' Ne 40, 1000 metre spools


Cotton Mako’  Ne 40 –  a Very versatile Piecing & Quilting Thread (packaged on a green spool) suitable for:    

  • Patchwork piecing
  • Machine quilting
  • Machine embroidery
  • Bobbin thread when machine quilting with Ne 28 thread
  • Universal general purpose sewing
  • Hand piecing
  • Bobbin lace making
  • Domestic & Longarm quilting machines
  • A size 75 /80 needle recommended

I use the Ne 40 for machine quilting when I want to see the texture without the thread creating too much distraction to a beautiful fabric or patchwork design. It is great for ditch stitching, fine detail, stipple and other forms of background meandering.    

Cotton Mako' Ne 40, used for machine quilting


Although it is fine enough to give a good result when ditch stitching it still has enough “presence” on the quilt surface to look good when used to stitch motifs and feature designs. It is very versatile!    

Some of the background quilting on Jeanne's beautiful applique quilt


Pat Sloan has been using the Cotton Mako’ Ne 40 to stitch the machine blanket stitch applique on her Meadow Breeze Mystery quilt.  Check out her video for some hints on how to blanket stitch around a circle.    


In the video Pat is stitching on her Bernina machine and recommends blanket stitch  #45 with the zig zag set at about 2.5  and the straight stitch at 2.3  to 2.5.    

Visit the Always Quilting  Online Store to read more about the various thread weights or to purchase spools for your next project.    

 Watch this space    

We are working to add some useful information to this page.

We are working to add more useful information to this page.

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