More About Binding a Quilt

I thought that it would be very useful to have a list of online references about the different ways people add a binding edge to a quilt so I’ve compiled it here where I can share it with you.

Sometimes it is easier to understand a technique when it is explained in a different way. If one idea doesn’t appeal, or is confusing, check out another method until you find the one that will become your staple “go to” method.

Some people have included videos and downloadable printed instructions on their pages.

As I find more references I will add them to this page. Work your way through the various blog posts below or if you prefer a visual guide  jump directly to my YouTube Channel: Adding Bindings to quilts to watch the videos.

Pat Sloan machine quilts the binding to the front of her quilts:

How to machine finish a binding on the front of the quilt

Dana Bolyard of Old Red Barn Co talks about how & why she hand finishes the bindings on her quilts:

Dana Bolyard Hand finishes bindings on her quilt

Julie from Jaybird Quilts has some great ideas about cutting, making and applying bindings.

Binding basics summarised

Making a neat join to finish the binding on the quilt

Have you always wanted to know how to add that flange trim to the bound edge of your quilt?

How to bind Curves

Sharon Schamber uses glue to hold the binding in place before she stitches:

Basting a tricky binding in place with glue to make it easier to stitch

Another idea for adding bindings to curved edges

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