Wednesday Wonder: The Poppies by Dijanne Cevaal

I was so pleased that I stayed to listen to Dijanne Cevaal,  the guest speaker on Saturday evening, after the day of vending at the Australian Quilt Market.

A close up of one of Dijanne's  Poppies series

A close up of one of Dijanne’s Poppies series, stitched with Cotton Mako’ 28

Dijanne talked about her creative textile journey, showed examples of her work, and shared stories from the years when she curated touring exhibitions of her own quilts, and those of other Australian quilters, around the world.

It was fascinating to see how an event, or conversation, could lead to the most amazing places and experiences in the world of textiles.

Dijanne Cevaal, as featured in the advertising blurb for her guest speaker appearance.

Dijanne Cevaal, as featured in the advertising blurb for her guest speaker appearance.

If you have followed Dijanne’s  work on her blog you will know that one of her ongoing projects in the past was a series of Sentinels.

Dijanne said she had made the sentinels her height, so they were realistic & they looked stunning in real life.  She is currently working on a series of embroidered faces, inspired by the feminine representations found at Chartres, which can be viewed on her blog.

Her work is often a combination of hand and machine decoration on hand dyed or printed fabric. I was particularly interested to see the work that she showed us where she had embellished the surface with Cotton Mako’ 28.

Another close up of one of Dijanne's Poppy wall hangings.

Another close up of the Cotton Mako’ 28 stitching on one of Dijanne’s Poppy wall hangings

Dijanne Cevaal is truly an artist, her medium is textiles, and she creates stunning works with fabric, paint, thread and beads.

As well as selling her art, she also runs workshop and sells kits to help you create your own masterpiece. See the Poppies, and other pieces, that are for sale on Dijanne’s blog.

This was just one of the highlights from the Australian wholesale Quilt market last weekend. Watch this space on Friday to see what Ladybirdee has to report about the market.

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