Tuesday Treats: Monday in disguise

Monday public holidays always throw my week into colourful chaos.

Some of the Aurifil orders picked ready to be packed

Not that I don’t enjoy a day at home, or out at an exhibition, free from work but ….

it does mean that the Aurifil orders from the weekend, that we would normally have picked and posted on a Monday, are still waiting for us on a Tuesday.

Aurifil Cotton Mako' 12 spools are great for hand embroideryDon’t you just wonder how these gorgeous Cotton Mako’ 12 weight pinks and purples will be used.

Aurifil Lana wool thread, in two spool sizesWhat about these Lana wool colours?

Aurifil Cotton Mako' 50 makes invisible stitches in needle turn applique easyor this collection of small Cotton Mako’ 50 spools?

Needle turned applique maybe?

Adding an Aurifil Cotton Mako' colour chart to your order is a clever ideaThis clever customer included an Aurifil colour chart with her order of Cotton Mako’ 40 threads

This customer has taken advantage of the discount for pre-selected thread packs in this orderand this one included some of our pre-packed selections in her order of Cotton Mako’ 28

Not all the orders go out to consumers.

The starter kits for an Aurifil thread club are ready to be posted out to a shop. Luck customers!The lucky customers at this Patchwork shop are about to start receiving an Aurifil thread club.

A new shop has just ordered an assorted range of colours as a starter to introduce customers to Aurifiland once we box and pack this order for posting, it will make a great starter selection to introduce customers at a patchwork shop to the joy of working with Aurifil thread.

As often happens after a day of picking & packing orders for our online store, I went home with a head spinning with colour.

this customer ordered a colourful selection of Cotton Mako' 40 & 50 weight threads

This customer ordered a colourful selection of Cotton Mako’ 40 & 50 weight threads

2 Responses

  1. Hello Have been hand piecing for 12 years and have just started another quilt for my grandson and for the first time I’m using Aurifil makó 28 ….. Well I love it , it ‘hugs’ the fabric on the inside and gives a lovely finish to the blocks , I did start hand quilting a large quilt a few months ago and again love the 12 , but recently after reading an America blog site where she had been hand piecing for many years , won numerous prizes for her work and had only ever used another popular thread brand till a friend suggested the 28 , she was amazed and so am I . Thank you so much for supplying my small town quilt shop and them being able to just order a small amount at a time , I’m spreading the word far and wide



    • Wow, thank you for the great comments Isabella.

      We love to have feedback from people who are using the threads.

      I am pleased to be able to supply the small local quilt shops. We deliberately set a “no minimum order” requirement for our wholesale customers as I know how hard it can be for small country shops to have to “build” a list before being able to place an order. Jenny

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