The staff at Always Quilting recently discussed using embroidery and quilting frames to display textile work. Embroidery and stitcheries, applique, pieced items and quilting, even a pretty piece of fabric can all be displayed this way. A quick internet search gives you lots of inspiration! Indeed, I was inspired and have since made a couple of items which are displayed in inexpensive embroidery hoops.

For my first piece, I decided to engage in some English paper piecing and fussy cutting and make a small companion piece for a mini quilt made last year and which I blogged about in a previous post. https://alwaysquilting.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/always-playing…-fussy-cutting/  You might recall that there was not much fabric left, but certainly sufficient for my purpose.

sewing- blog Nov 2014 058

Plenty of holes, but still enough fabric for my project!

I used 4x 2-inch clamshells and fussy-cut my fabric, with a small circle as the centre. There are many methods of preparing your English paper pieces, from tacking, to glue-basting, to fusible papers. I discuss one method here. https://alwaysquilting.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/english-paper-…agons-and-more/  When using clamshells, I prefer to tack the paper in place as this gives me greatest control over the curve, ensuring it is nice and smooth. When it is tacked into place I give it a good press.

Hoopla blog 015-crop

Tacking the fabric onto the clamshell paper.

Once I had made my clamshells I appliqued them onto my background fabric using Aurifil Cotton Mako 50. As you can see in the photo, I left plenty of fabric around the edges. I then took my little hoop, in this case 5 inches in diameter, and centred my design in it. When I was happy with its placement I tightened the screw so that the work was tensioned with no wrinkles.


Hoopla blog 004

Ensure the item is centred in the hoop.

I trimmed the background fabric to a border of about 1 1/2 inches.

Hoopla blog 005-crop

Trimming excess fabric to 1 1/2 inches.

I took a strong thread (Aurifil Cotton Mako 28) and ran a gathering stitch around the perimeter. To make this job easier I did not cut my thread off the spool, but used it directly from the spool. This way could adjust it as required, and I didn’t run the risk of miscalculating the length of cotton I needed, or of accidentally pulling the gathers out. When I had the gathers sitting as I wanted, I cut the threads leaving a tail, then tied them in a reef knot to secure them.


Gathering the background fabric behind the hoop.

To cover the back of the hoop I cut a circle of felt, using the hoop as a template for the circle. I wanted the felt to fit just to the edge of the blue background fabric, but inside hoop. Finally I stitched the felt in place again using a strong thread, Aurifil Cotton Mako 28. I used an overstitch going from the felt out towards the edge of the hoop as shown in the photo, and I ensured that each bite into the felt was about 3mm and went into the blue background fabric each time.

Hoopla blog 011-crop

Stitching the felt back into place.

And my little project is finished and ready to hang on the wall!

Hoopla blog 016-crop

My little hanging all ready to display on the wall.

In a future post, I will write about another project framed in this way.


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What fun!

Scroll down the page to find the link to subscribe to one of the free digital magazines

When I saw this owl design, I couldn’t resist creating a little advert about the FREE digital magazine subscriptions from Creative Living Media.

Click this link to see the owl fly & sing (it is slow to load, so wait …. it is silly but fun & so cute …. hoo hoo …….)

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The digital versions don’t usually include the patterns but the articles are all there for easy reading.

All you have to do is follow the link  to Creative Living Media


Down Under Textiles issue 3 now in the store

Issue number 3 of Down Under Textiles has just arrived and once again it is full of helpful tutorials, inspiring textile artist profiles and informative articles.

Down Under Textiles, issue No 3

Have you always wanted to try Sun printing?  Julie Haddrick has a step by step guide to help you get started.

Down under Textiles, sunprinting article by Julie Haddrick

Or using stencils?  Dale Rollerson’s shares some tips for working with some of  her favourite  stencil techniques

Read Dale Rollerson's tips for using stencils in Down Under Textiles

 Or wanted some handy hints to help you use Angelina Fibre?  

Then the “How to use” pages by Susan Pietsch will fit the bill.

Learn more about using Angelina Fibres with Susan Pietsch, in Down Under Textiles

To buy your copy of Down Under Textiles visit the Always Quilting Online Store.

Down Under Textiles – New in the store

I’ve just had a pleasurable browse through the new issue of Down Under Textiles.

Down Under Textiles; issue No 2, 2010

Down Under Textiles; issue No 2, 2010

Issue 2 has maintained the high standard of issue 1, published earlier this year, and will be a worthwhile addition to your magazine library.

Just one of the articles in issue 2 of Down Under Textiles

Just one of the articles in issue 2 of Down Under Textiles

This issue has something for everyone – transfer painting, beading, using colour, weaving, using texture, making journals, using metal shim and the list goes on.

Issue 2 of Down Under Textiles is full of detailed "How to" photos

Issue 2 of Down Under Textiles is full of detailed "How to" photos

I can’t wait to try our some of the techniques in this great magazine. If you want your own copy, the magazine is available for purchase from the Always Quilting Online Store

I've always been fascinated by textile journals so this article was like a peek into one artist's inspiration.

I've always been fascinated by textile journals so this article was a peek into one artist's inspiration.

Oh, Sew Pretty….. Lace Motifs

Just look at the latest addition to the shop stock!

One of the glorious hand dyed lace motifs now for sale on the website

I am always on the look out for colourful items that work with the Aurfil threads Cotton Mako’ range and I thought these hand dyed cotton lace motifs were just perfect.  The motifs are hand dyed and then the highlights are hand painted, to give each one an individual “One of a Kind” finish.  I’ve selected a range of sizes and styles, and all can be viewed on the Always Quilting online store – Lace.  

The other  item in the store that is worth a mention, is the first issue of Down Under Textiles. 

Issue No 1 of Down Under Textiles .... well worth a read

This is a new magazine, published by the same people who publish Down Under Quilts, and it has an emphasis on  textile art techniques including felting, lino cuts, using foils and making silk paper.  It  is well worth reading even if you have never been tempted to take your traditional work into a more freeform direction. We still have a few copies left for sale on the website.

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