I said I wouldn’t do it

Oh yes, I went here on Thursday ( to AQC at the Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne)


I said I would only go and look at the quilts and challenges and see what new shops there were.

I was only going to buy what was on the list (3 items) – quilting gloves (mine have ‘worn out) , some wool felt, and a book for a birthday present.

How come I came home with a bit more??

I was only going to buy one or two more pieces of wool felt to add to my stash.


I am doing a workshop in a couple of weeks so I could justify that.  But when I saw the colours available, and more than one shop had wool felt.  I just weakened a tad.  These bits can go with my others:

Gelati colours I think.

And I can use my Ne 12 threads to embellish them.

I may be ‘forced’ to look for another spool of Ne 12 – how unfortunate I work in a thread shop!
Oh – and the other purchases (but not the book, as my friend may read this blog)

And I should also confess, I bought a new sewing machine – great excitement – an early birthday present for me.

4 Responses

  1. Lovely fabric choices.

    • Thanks – but I MUST use the fabrics – pointless having them sitting there ‘looking’ at me!!

  2. wow Heather you really have come long way since I first met you.

    I always knew you had great artistic potential. I love reading your posts.

    Hope all is well with you and your family.



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    • I appreciate your kind words Sheila. All is well with me and mine. I hope it is good in your part of the world too.
      Patchwork is such a joy in my life – always more quilts to plan and sew, and great friends to make along the way.

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