A New Year … a new feature colour from Pantone

With this first posting for 2015 we wish everyone a happy and creative year and what better way to start than with some colour play.

At our staff meeting this week we checked out the 2015 “colour of the year” as designated by the people at Pantone.



Unfortunately we hadn’t planned ahead to supply some liquid Marsala for the meeting so it was a sober discussion.

However, we did have fun playing with spools of “Marsala” coloured threads.


We picked out Aurifil Cotton Mako’ colour 2345,  Lana colour 8266 & Brillo 754 for our thread play with Marsala.

Mako-28-MarsalaInitially our reaction to “Marsala” was  …. oh hum boring.

Aurifil-Quilting-MarsalaBut Cotton Mako’ 2345 has been a long time favourite of mine for quilting across a multitude of reds.

In the Aurifil Cotton Mako’ range it is known as “raisin”,  but we will be thinking of it as “Marsala” in 2015.

Aurifil-marsala-playOnce we started playing with colour we found lots of interesting combinations.

Mako-28-marsala-smallIt was pleasing to see that colour 2345 worked especially well with, 6727, 6731 & 6732, three of the new Cotton Mako’ colours from 2014

Mako-40-Marsala-blues It also works well as a highlight with blues & Aqua,

Mako-50-marsala with florals,

Mako-12-marsalaand wonderful earthy prints and in all the thread weights.

What are your thoughts on “Marsala” being the 2015 colour of the year?

Please leave us a comment to start the year well.

6 Responses

  1. Funny, just this morning, I was looking at paint charts for a warmer wall colour in a south facing room. “Marsala” was very similar to the colour I chose! How timely! I will need to make some new cushions to co-ordinate, so obviously will be needing some “Marsala” coloured thread..

  2. I’m not crazy about it, but your photos using with the thread are inspiring – not because it’s the color of the year, they are just beautiful combinations!

  3. In fact, I will use this great colour pretty soon. I’m planning on making a table runner in the colours grey and “Masala” Red.
    Happy New Year!

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