Jelly Rolling Along

Recently, I decided to use some of the “historical” items in my stash…..those which had originally been bought with great purpose and then left to languish, in favour of other more demanding (of my attention) projects.

Among such fabrics was a Moda Jelly Roll given to me in 2007, and the matching border fabric I purchased to put with it. It is from the Three Sisters “Sanctuary” range.

Spring 2014 003

Border fabric and some of the jelly roll strips.

I had a pattern in mind, from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book “On a Roll”.

Spring 2014 004

Pattern book.


In fact the pattern I wanted to use for my jelly roll quilt is the one featured on the cover.

The pattern uses the Easy Angle Tool by Sharon Hultgren to cut triangles from the jelly roll strips, but I don’t own this gadget, so made a plastic template to use as a cutting guide instead.

Qld 2014 008

My easy angle template.

As you can see from the photo, I marked the cutting lines in pencil and then cut with an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter.  (It is NOT safe to try to cut along the edge of the plastic template with your rotary cutter!!)

Qld 2014 009

My stack of triangles grows.


Qld 2014 011

Cutting the components.

Once I had all components cut, I was ready to chain piece.

Spring 2014 001

Chain piecing in progress.

The centre part of the quilt is made up of 18 ten inch blocks. In the next photo these blocks are set out on the floor, as I trialled various  placement arrangements.

Spring 2014 002

Trying out various placement arrangements.

And this is what they look like now that they are sewn together.

Spring 2014 002

Joined blocks awaiting their borders.

All (?!!) I have to do now is add the 2 borders, a narrow inner one and a wider outer one, and my quilt top will be ready for quilting.  Hopefully this will happen soon and I will be able to blog about the completed quilt!!


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  1. I have some of this fabric in my stash. Your quilt looks beautiful. Will have to find my fabric now. hugs……

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