Another Day; Another Scrap Quilt

Last week I shared my Square in a Square scrap quilt and discussed my choice of quilting thread.

Today I will discuss my choice of piecing thread on a scrap quilt. I have been working on an ‘Easy Big Block’ Pineapple quilt, designed by Cindi Edgerton for McCall’s, using only white and red fabrics.

When I say ‘red fabric’, I really mean anything remotely looking red in my stash.

Blocks with fabrics that 'read' red

Blocks with fabrics that ‘read’ red

And then, of course, when I say ‘white fabric’, it could be beige, tan or snow white.

White Fabrics...compared to the red fabric

White Fabrics…compared to the red fabric

This type of quilt construction lends itself to a production line approach sewing strips of fabric to the paper foundation, following the numbers in order.

Tissue Paper Foundations from Cindi Edgerton

Tissue Paper Foundations from Cindi Edgerton

I don’t want to worry about my thread colour choice becoming an issue with each new fabric addition.

Here are the threads I considered on several pieced blocks.

Auditioning Aurifil thread  colours

Auditioning Aurifil thread colours

I decided on the Aurifil Mako 40wt Colour 2900. It is ‘neutral’ enough to blend with my ‘white’ fabrics and ‘brown’ enough to blend with my ‘reds’.

Decision Made!

Decision Made!

I can wind several bobbins and sit and sew without changing my thread colour every time the fabric colour changes.

It is helpful to have a range of basic piecing colours so you can choose the right one for your current scrap piecing.

Several Panels are ready to stitch together

Several Panels are ready to stitch together

The ‘basic’ , or MUST HAVE Aurifil thread colours are different for each of us. What are yours? Personally I want them all!


4 Responses

  1. One of my WIP is a cream and blue scrap pineapple pp quillt. I want to do fmq but have not decided which designs to use. Just curious, how are you going to quilt yours?

    • Hi Bonnie,
      This patchwork design has SO many seams so deciding on the quilting design is a little tricky. I have seen some pineapple quilts with straight line quilting going down the middle of each strip. The quilts looked good but I want a quilting design with a little more movement.
      I lay a piece of plastic, like a page protector, on top of the blocks and draw designs using a marker being careful not to mark the actual quilt fabric. It gives me a pretty good idea of how the design will look before I thread a needle.
      I know I will be quilting a FMQ design with swirls of some sort. I will be sure to share the finished quilt here.
      We would love to see yours!

      • I am still piecing the cream and blue scrap pineapple quilt. I checked and my pattern is from thePaper Piecing by Alex Anderson book. When I get the top completed I will share.

      • I am looking forward to seeing your cream and blue Pineapple quilt top. Thanks for your comments Bonnie.

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