Reproduction Introduction

This week I had the pleasure of completing a quilt. Yay!! The majority of my projects are hand-sewn, so to reach the finishing line always feels good – to me, it’s a significant accomplishment!

My quilt is called “Reproduction Introduction” because it is the first quilt I’ve made (i.e. finished) using reproduction/reproduction style fabrics. Yes, it’s taken me a while to “catch on” to the pleasure derived from working with these fabrics.

I started with a piece of blue background and some contrasting “strawberry” fabrics.

May 2014 031

The best greens  were these poison greens.

May 2014 047

Marking the design and being able to see it on the background fabric was a considerable challenge, and eventually I made a design transfer overlay which worked very well and which I discussed  in a previous blog.

I had fun, needle-turning to my heart’s content…..

May 2014 042

May 2014 040

…and engaged in some fussy cutting.

May 2014 039

May 2014 041


I even made a label featuring the centre design and its fussy cutting.


May 2014 038

And finally, the quilt was finished…May 2014 003


… and on the bed.


May 2014 043

And in case you are wondering, this lovely design is “Louisa” by Cherry Pie Designs.  I made a couple of small adjustments to the original.

For the needleturn applique I used Aurifil Cotton Mako 50 weight, and to machine the components together and complete the binding, Aurifil Cotton Mako 40 weight was my thread of choice.

My “Reproduction Introduction” is just that because already I have other reproduction quilts in progress or waiting in the wings.  You might say I’ve caught the bug!




4 Responses

  1. How wonderful to see my quilt patter in other fabrics. Happy to see you have discovered these great fabrics..carol

  2. So pleased that you managed to get it completed Denise – perhaps in time to exhibit in the Waverley Patchworkers Show in Mt Waverley, Melbourne next weekend. Having seen the quilt in “real life” I know that it is spectacular.

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