Round Robin Round Two

In 2014 the staff members at Always Quilting are challenging themselves by producing  Round Robin quilts. For some, (yours truly), this is very challenging and completely outside my comfort zone!

The parameters were set in January and include the size and symmetry of each block/border, the colours to be used, and the fact that all fabrics must be solid colours.  For full details see:

After some weeks of secretive activity and cryptic comments, we have now completed the centre block and first border.



Jenny’s centre block.

I received Jenny’s centre block made from yellow/green fabrics,  to which I had to add a border using colours from the blue section of the colour wheel.

car and blog 003

My task was to add an assymmetrical border to Jenny’s centre block, which is very geometrical and has straight lines and sharp corners.  I decided to add some curves  and designed my border to incorporate small ovals.

car and blog 002

In the photo above you can see how I used a piece of string to draft the curves.  I “fiddled” with this to obtain a design with which I was satisfied and drew this on the paper pattern, which in turn I transferred to the fabric.

car and blog 004

This photo shows the construction of the narrow bias.  In a previous post I explain how I do this using Deborah Kemball’s method which does not use bias bars.

car and blog 005

The completed bias curves.


Now I was ready to add the oval “beads” to the curves.  Initially I thought I would be able to make my oval templates by folding and cutting paper to draft the ovals, but after producing some shapes unrecognisable as ovals (!!), I realised that I needed some help.  I purchased a set of Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Ovals which were indeed perfect for the task. (Always Quilting stocks “Perfect Circles”, “Bigger Perfect Circles” and “Perfect Ovals” )

car and blog 006

Tacking the fabric over the oval templates.

The finished border looks like this.


car and blog 007

This has now been passed on to ladybirdee for her contribution.  I wonder what she will add?

All will be revealed at our staff meeting in June so keep watching for further updates.

3 Responses

  1. […] Sadly, I don’t get that many challenge quilts finished these days but I am trying to keep up with our office Round Robin Challenge. […]

  2. Denise, you will be please to know that I have finished my border on the Round Robin Modern Quilt. I worked solidly one afternoon on it – after deciding what to do – and I think it has worked!!

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