Round Robin Reporting

Our second staff “Round Robin” hand over happened at our staff meeting on Friday. …..


You may remember my earlier post about how challenging I was finding it to work with solid colours.

Well that is obviously not my only problem!


This round was to add an asymmetrical border and I thought I was very clever creating a tilted border but ….. I didn’t think about the fact that it would NOT be asymmetrical if I added the same size triangles to all four sides.

Fortunately everyone else managed the round correctly.


And they have even added some interesting applique effects to their borders

RR_block-2 Despite everything I am quite enjoying watching the progress.

RR_block-4Oh dear I hope I can do better with the next round.

How can I go wrong … we only have to add an even border on all four sides.

Coming soon … more reports on how these borders were added and appliqued.


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