A Quilt A Month – YES!!!

It seems as though the bloggers at “Always Quilting” are working with hexagons. I did not realise Judy was going to post about her hexagon quilt this month, so readers of our blog will get a double dose of working with hexagons!
I have put the final stitches into my mini quilt today – to stitch on the binding. I had given myself the challenge of completing three quilts in three months after being given three different Moda mini charm  packs. As well as having bragging rights in completing the quilts, I also had something to write about on this blog!!
This range of fabrics from Moda is called Three Sisters Lario, and is a much more gentle colour palette than what I would normally choose.  It is good to work outside your favourite colour preference, though having written that, I think I use quite a variety of colours and patterns in fabrics when quilting.

Paper Piecing
I needed to make the mini quilt a certain size (to fit on my wire quilt frame) and realised the squares, if made into hexagons would not be large enough to cover the area. So I appliqued them to a background fabric.

Fabric Background

Not, any background fabric, but one of my ‘sacred’, ‘never to be used’, ‘only to look at’, or for special occasions.  I had to be brave, and the fabric worked with the colours of the charm squares – and needed to be used up.
I had paper pieced the hexagons, using a Ne 40 weight (green spool) in cream. I know some people use the finer Ne 50 (orange spool) but I prefer the Ne 40.

I quilted  with Ne 28 (grey spool) 5007 and ditch stitched around each hexagon, as I wanted them to stand out on the background fabric.

When trying to find a ‘location’ for a final photo, I realised that the colours in the quilt matched with a beautiful Gien French plate I own.


Thanks Judy for my gift, and making me think about using some fabrics I would not have chosen for myself. I have enjoyed the challenge of making three completely different quilts in three months.


5 Responses

  1. Seriously – it’s hexagons everywhere I look at the moment! Your mini quilt is quite lovely; thanks for showing it at its various stages. It’s nice for us non-quilters to see this. xCathy

    • Lovely to read a comment on the blog post – thanks Cathy. I have made hexagon quilts with 1/4″ hexagon papers and I am looking forward to trying another shape sometime. Paper piecing seems to be having a revival lately – as the technique has been around for years.

  2. At first I wasn’t so sure of the colour combo in the close ups BUt the finished mini quilt is just beautiful.

    • Thanks Jane for your comment – hard to get accurate colours in the photos at times in the home environment. I was pleased finding out my ‘magnolia’ plate worked well alongside the mini quilt.

  3. Very nice!!!!

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