Taking the Round Robin into the 21st Century

At the start of each year we set ourselves a group challenge and this year it is a little “Round Robin” with a twist …..

In fact it was a double challenge before we even got started ….. we are only allowed to use solid colours and we had to start with a 6″ block.

The centre block for the round robin was only 6"

The centre block for the round robin was only 6″

Add to this, the colour for each progressive round, as we pass the quilt to the next person, has already been designated.

It must be a tint, tone or shade of the colour  three rotations to the right, on the colour wheel, from the last colour used.


We drew straws for our starter colour and, would you believe, three of us drew colours from the green family.  The fourth member chose violet.

Our Rules are simple:

Round One:

Make a starter block,  6” block of your choice in your designated colour

Round Two:

Add an asymmetrical border on four sides, to be no wider than 3”

Round Three:

Add even size border on four sides to be no wider than 3”

Round Four:

Add borders to two sides of your choice to be no wider than 3”

Round Five:

Returned to starting point to be embellished &/or quilted

As you can see, apart from the colour specifications, we will have a free hand to create borders of any style of piecing or applique.

We will swap our quilts every 60 days and be able to watch each quilt grow, no secrets in this challenge, so we will keep you posted.

You are welcome to join in the fun by making your own version of the 21st Century Round Robin.

We’d love to see your photos if you do!

4 Responses

  1. […] The parameters were set in January and include the size and symmetry of each block/border, the colours to be used, and the fact that all fabrics must be solid colours.  For full details see: https://alwaysquilting.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/taking-the-round-robin-into-the-21st-century/ […]

  2. […] may remember my earlier post about how challenging I was finding it to work with solid […]

  3. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with!

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