Each year, at this time, we bring out our collection of Christmas decorations.  It is always enjoyable, taking off the wrapping and being re-acquainted with the items, some of which have been part of family traditions for many years, others of which have been recently made or purchased.  It’s a bit like an annual reunion!!

Allow me to take you on a tour of some of my Christmas decorations.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 008

The Advent wreath.

The first to go up is the Advent wreath, which marks the four weeks prior to Christmas.

Spring 2013 026

Our oldest nativity.

We have a number of nativity sets. This is the oldest (sorry about the flash reflection). The clothing is actually real fabric dipped in some kind of starching solution. Poor Joseph gets a bit “tipsy” each year and has to be supported with Blutak!

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 005

A newer, more glitzy nativity.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 014

A simple Peruvian nativity.

Parts of our house have a blue carpet, so a number of years ago, we added blue decorations to our collection.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 021

Blue and silver Christmas tree decorations.

Although the blue tree lights were on when I took this photo, they don’t really show up here.  What does show up however(big sigh) is the lack of tree skirt.  One is in the making, and I am currently quilting it using Aurifil Cotton Mako 12, but I suspect is in danger of becoming a new year’s resolution(again)!!

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 007

More blue decorating.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 015

My Heartwood Creek angel by Jim Shore….blue of course!

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 017

Patchwork table centrepiece.

You may recognise this one, made for last Christmas using a Marg Low pattern.

Newly made in 2012.

And the latest piece, purchased just yesterday!

Spring 2013 025

My latest decoration purchased yesterday.

A number of years ago, pre-patchwork , I made Christmas wreaths.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 010

Wreath about 30cm diameter.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 012

Smaller wreath. This one is about 15cm diameter.

My daughter-in-law’s mother is a talented cook and makes many Gingerbread houses each year.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 001

A pleasure to look at and to eat!

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 013

Hand appliqued and hand quilted runner.

And of course, no home is completely decorated without quilts!

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 020

Friendship quilt.

The blocks in this quilt were made by members of Launceston Patchworkers and Quilters in 1998 when I was a member of that group.  Each year all members are asked to make a block.  The blocks are arranged into groups of 9 and anyone who has not already received blocks goes into a draw to receive a set.  The recipient then has to make her quilt.  The hardest part for me was to choose a sashing fabric which worked with all the blocks.

blog photos Xmas @ knitsnquilts 011

Moda pattern and fabrics.

This large hand appliqued quilt hangs over the stair railing.  This is one of my favourite applique patterns.

Spring 2013 027

“Christmas Galaxy” quilt.

Thank you for visiting!

May your Christmas be a happy and safe one and just a bit “stitchy”!

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  1. this was a fun trip–thank you so much for sharing—Mary Bonnell

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