“Modern Market”

"let's start at the very beginning"

“let’s start at the very beginning”

Last Friday afternoon we set up our booth for the Melbourne Wholesale Quilt Market at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.  It is hard work!! Packing the van to drive to the city, unload the van onto trolleys or wheel in big suitcases full of quilts, stock and fittings.   Up and down ladders pinning and  placing.  Covering stools and tables with cloths and samples.   However it is fun – watching an empty space become an advertisement for our quality thread.  It is also fun watching the other booths start from scratch, and become beautiful areas displaying their new products.

Our Quilt Market is, of course, a mini version of the overseas markets.  The population in Australia does not have the same large quilt population – but it exciting to see all the new fabric ranges,  new notions being unveiled as well as quilt designs from the other traders.

Our Modern Quilt Display

Our Modern Quilt Display

As well as using our modern quilts as samples this year, we ‘revealed’ our Aurifil spool quilt – each one of us at Always Quilting made some blocks for it.  It was quilted in the different thread weights – Ne 50 for the orange spool, Ne 40 for the green spool etc.  From a distance it looked stunning and we were thrilled with the compliments it received from various passers by.

Spool quilt

Spool quilt

At Quilt Market we love seeing our clients come to visit, putting faces to names,  and we enjoy meeting new shops too – explaining  the four different cotton thread weights, and introducing them to Brillo and Aurilux and the gorgeous  Lana.   Of course, I love telling them about our Thread Club, something I organise each month, and how we spend so much time selecting the threads for this special club which is sent out to the shops who request it.

Jenny at Quilt Market

Jenny at Quilt Market

By the time Sunday afternoon comes we are tired – but happy. It means we have lots of orders to process – and ——– Christmas decorations need to be up in the shop as the festive season is just a month away!

4 Responses

  1. I too love the spools of Aurifil Threads Quilt! It looks so cool. I think I might just have to make one too! Congratulations on the great look of your stand. Only one thing wrong with the display!!!!! I wasn’t their to see it! Maybe one day.

    Now, I wish you would come to the Adelaide Quilt show. We don’t get any thread companies coming and displaying their wares. Nor do I see much threads on display by other retailers. Although this year Punch and Judy did display a lot of Superior Threads but they were very expensive when compared to Superior’s own web sites prices. I get their newsletters and do buy a number of their threads for special quilting jobs from USA as their are no local stores in Adelaide that stock it!

    However, the main important thread that I do love and use almost everyday is Aurifil, the sewing and quilting results are magnificience. The store I can only get it from is some considerable distance on public transport from my home so I usually look up your thread site to see a suitable colour no. and cross fingers that they (local store) have that no. in and buy it over the phone. They then post it out and within 24-48 hours I usualy get it in my hot little hands. So thanks for your wonderful colour charts I appreciate you being their. If I get stuck and my local store doesn’t have the colour in can I get it for you? Julie Beard. julie714@adam.com.au.

    • Hi Julie, The Australian Quilt Market is the wholesale show for shops to see the latest fabrics, patterns, threads and other textile related products so it is quite different to the craft & guild shows where things are available for immediate “cash & carry”.

      I am pleased that you have found Hettie’s Patch in Adelaide, but sorry to hear that it is a long distance from your home.

      Try asking for Auriil at your local patchwork shop to encourage them to become a stockist. I always think that the shop owners like to know that they will have a keen market before they add a new product range, so it helps with their decision making if they have inquiries, and recommendations, from their existing customers. And of course, you are always welcome to visit the Always Quilting online store.


  2. The Spool Quilt is wonderful … love it!

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