Tuesday Treats: Folded Star Christmas Decoration

I had my hair cut last week …. not really a noteworthy event except that, as I booked the next appointment, my hairdresser & I were struck by how close it is to Christmas.

I know that it is mid November, but some how I hadn’t transferred that thought to the reality that Christmas is less than six weeks away ….  and it is time to start decorating the shop.

One of my favourite decorations is the folded star that I hang on the front door.


This is an easy, almost “no sew”, project that can be put together in an evening.

They make great Christmas decorations or, with a little more time taken to securely stitch the points into position, they can be used as a place mat or trivet.

I made mine many years ago from a pattern in a magazine, so I had to do a google search to find some patterns online for you.

A quick gift that doesn't require a lot of fabric or stitching

A quick gift that doesn’t require a lot of fabric or stitching

Check out the instruction that I have found, grab a needle & thread, some fat quarters, backing fabric, batting & a foundation fabric and get started on making your own version of a folded star for Christmas.

This Folded Star Prairie Point Trivet pattern on the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association website only needs a loop added to the back to convert it into a door hanging.  (You might also like some of the other patterns on this website)

Also check out these instructions, with step by step photos,  written by Lisa & Sarah of  A spoonful of Sugar Designs. This pattern is a little different to the one on the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association website as the prairie points are made from circles, which may make the positioning of the fabrics easier.

The pattern that I used  “way back when” had a combination of circles & squares to make the prairie points.

If you find it easy to follow a spoken instruction this YouTube video, by Rose Smith, for making a folded star for the centre of her Somerset Patchwork cushion may help you work out the placement of the prairie points:

Each instruction has achieved the folded star in a slightly different manner, so choose the method that appeals to you.

In all case, remember that the best effect is achieved by having a good contrast, in each round of points, to show up the design.

Have fun creating your own version of the folded star door hanger

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  1. Great idea…..love it!

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