Tuesday Treats: What spurs you on to finish your projects

Did you read Judysewforth’s post, last week,  about finally finishing her free motion quilting UFO?

This got me thinking about the incentives that get me to finish a UFO or WIP* (and I always have several in the cupboard).

I decided it is usually the need to have a new quilt to show at a trade event, or a guild presentation….. the events that are my personal goal setters because, these days, almost all the stitching that I do relates in some manner to my work at Always Quilting.

The latest UFO / WIP / quilt in my head / under construction

The latest UFO ( WIP ) the fuzzy quilt in my head, still under construction, which needs to be finished next week in time for the Australian wholesale Quilt Market

However,  when I was guest speaker at the Wyndham Vale Patchwork Guild last weekend,  I saw a very clever “goal setter” plan that could help other people, without business deadlines, finish their UFOs.

The Guild had set their members a UFO challenge at the beginning of the financial year.

At the July meeting, members who chose to enter the challenge had to register a list of the UFOs that they wanted to finish.

The deadline for the Wyndham Vale challenge was the November meeting and people who produced a finished project at show and tell, from their list,  “won” a lucky dip prize.

As you can see lots of people achieved their goal of a finished UFO.

Lots of quilts were finished. Both baskets were full at the beginning of the show & tell.

Lots of quilts were finished. Both baskets were full at the beginning of the show & tell.

I’ve been guest speaker at two Guild meetings in Victoria in the past month, last weekend at Wyndham Vale,  and back in October at the Point Nepean Patchwork Guild.

I always start my talks by saying:

“thank you for inviting me,  I love to talk about thread, for patchwork, quilting and embroidery so you could be here for a very long time”

Aurifil-smile-blog Not really, the talks are usually 30 -45 minutes, including questions.   I talk in general about  choosing the right thread for a task and why it makes a difference, about choosing the various Aurifil thread weights to achieve particular stitching results, choosing thread colours for different purposes and I always finish with a list of the Aurifil suppliers in the locality where I am speaking.

It is a treat to be a guest speaker at a Guild, and a wonderful opportunity to see what people are stitching around the country so contact me if you are interested in finding out about my schedule for 2014.


* Definitions:
UFO = unfinished object
WIP = works in progress (a kinder term for those quilts waiting to be finished)


We would love to hear about other goal setter ideas for finishing projects, so please leave a comment to share your incentive.

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