Free Motion Quilting Project is Finished!

I have heard the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race” and while quilting is never a race, it is nice to finish a project that has been around for a while.

Now that I have finished the quilt, I have decided to name it, “Crazy Hearts”.

Back in February 2012, I began machine quilting my Crazy Hearts Quilt following the monthly contributions of well-known machine quilters.

As the months passed, other projects with definite deadlines came and went and the Crazy Hearts disappeared deeper and deeper into the UFO pile.

Last week, while looking for something else; I know you can identify with this activity…I ‘found’ my Crazy Hearts quilt.

I threaded my machine with  Aurifil Cotton Mako 50wt thread and quilted the remaining hearts.

I am very pleased with the results and my confidence in machine quilting has increased since I first took on this project so many months ago.

My photography needs Work

My photography needs Work

I tried to photograph the entire quilt…but I am short…I even stood on a chair and stretched my arms as high as they would go…

My arms are too short to take a picture

My arms are too short to take a picture

At least my quilting is improving faster than my photography.

The February 2012 FMQ Challenge

The February 2012 FMQ Challenge

Free motion quilted feathers 2013

Free motion quilted feathers 2013

Have you put a project aside only to pick it up later and discover your skill level has improved? We would like to hear about your projects and I would appreciate some pointers on photographing quilts as well.

3 Responses

  1. […] I posted about finishing my free motion quilting challenge , I received a request for instructions for making the quilt. So here it is for Eva […]

  2. […] Did you read Judysewforth’s post, last week,  about finally finishing her free motion quilting UFO? […]

  3. It is a beautiful quilt, and I am wondering whether you could make an instruction for me. I would like to pay for it, if you have a faric selection with it, I may even buy this. My young family in Melbourne expecting their third child, my first grand daughter. I am thinking of them, and of her, and I would like to give her a present when she arrives to live between us.
    Thank you very much for showing your work.

    Kind regards

    Eve Vaszolyi

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