Happy Birthday and other surprises

I thought you may be interested to see some new sewing I have done.  Well,  it isn’t that exciting – but it is supposed to be a secret – so that means I can only offer a glimpse of the yet to be completed project.  Any guesses???!

Secret Sewing

The staff at Always Quilting are getting ready for the wholesale quilt market held in Melbourne at the end of November.  Here we have a booth showing all the wonderful Aurifil threads, Kit Art boxes and other thread treasures.   My sewing is part of a ‘display’ we are creating – and I am hoping all the parts go together well.  I will reveal the actual creation once the market is over (make mental note to self to do this in blog late November).

Happy Birthday

The other exciting event is Aurifil celebrating their 30th birthday.   I remember where I celebrated mine – standing on the Artic Circle in Norway.  Now that is a place and date (and year) I can’t forget.

Birthdays are always fun, and if you want to celebrate Aurifil’s 30th with us at Always Quilting, visit our website and subscribe to our retail newsletter.   I won’t say anymore than that – but I am sure you will be delighted with our ‘present to you’.  And don’t be worried about being inundated with our newsletters, as we are soooo busy in the shop with our wonderful customers, we don’t get much time to write newsletters that often!!!

6 Responses

  1. I can’t remember where I was for my 30th birthday 😦
    Love the colours you are using on your secret project and I look forward to seeing photos in November.

    • I only remember, as it was such a long way away from Australia and a special time.
      Thanks for commenting on the secret project – fingers crossed I remember to blog about it in a month’s time!

  2. Love the colours on those blocks. Love.

    • Thanks for commenting on my very short post this month – sometimes it is hard to think of things to write!

  3. Ooh! It’s Aurifill’s birthday and WE get the presents! I’ll be looking for my newsletter!

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