The Melbourne Agricultural Show

When I was a young girl living in America, I always looked forward to the annual Agricultural shows.

Each State usually had a show and almost every county in the State had a smaller version. These fairs provided opportunities for farmers and their families to show off their prized livestock, best cakes and finest arts and crafts.

 I even won a ribbon at a county show in Iowa for a hand pieced and hand appliquéd baby quilt

A Prize Winner over 25years ago

A Prize Winner over 25years ago

This week The Melbourne Agricultural Show is on at the fairgrounds.

It is nice to know some things don’t change. The show is packed with livestock judging and baked goods in abundance.

Country Women's Association Scones

Country Women’s Association Scones

There are wood-chopping competitions and carnival rides and games.

Getting ready for the Giant Slide ride

Getting ready for the Giant Slide ride

And Australian wildlife exhibitors.

An Australian Goanna

An Australian Goanna

And best of all, for me anyway, is the Arts and Crafts pavilion.

This year, yarn bombing seems to be everywhere!

I am sure you will agree that this tractor is amazing.

A Full Sized Tractor

A Full Sized Tractor

Yarn Covered Tractor

Yarn Covered Tractor

The Tractor's Wheel

The Tractor’s Wheel

Tiny Yarn Farm Animals

Tiny Yarn Farm Animals

So, no matter what you call this extravaganza…”Agricultural Show; State Fair; County Fair”…take the time and the entire family, and visit the show.

It might just become a yearly tradition.

2 Responses

  1. Hello Firstly I enjoy reading Aurifil emails and have learnt a lot from them and love seeing the beautiful work of others. I am presuming that this email is for an international audiance, if so, it would be nice for our wonderful Royal Melbourne Agrictultural Show to be called just that, it has the priviledge to be called Royal and it would be great for international readers to know that, also “fairground” is not an Australian word, I only hear it used by Americans, we, particularly in Victoria refer to our show grounds as that “showground”, to us a fairground is only for rides etc just like Disneyland, whereas our show is a mix of agriculture, craft, a showcase ofVictorian products and then the rides and showbags, which used to be free and called a “sample bag”. The Royal Melbourne Show is a great outing for families and I attended last year for the first time in 16 years, mainly to see the Craft area, it is a shame that there is no poultry exhibition this year as Masterchef the TV series had taken over the building. Hope you don’t mind me pointing out these couple of inaccuracies, it is always nice to hear the different terminology from each country and craft has a lot of them also. Regards Annette

    • Hi Annette, Oddly enough you pin pointed the variation in terminology about showgrounds/fairgrounds very accurately. JudySew4th is the American member of our team, and like all our team members she writes her blog posts from her personal view point.

      So thank you for giving our readers more details about Australian Shows, and in particular the Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show.

      Please keep reading and sending us your comments.
      Regards Jenny

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