Not a Tuesday Treat: A Wednesday Woe, no winner today

Last month we ran a photo competition on Flickr, designed as a progress report, for the free Modern Quilt Welcome block of the month quilt we have been offering on the blog.

We thought that it would be an easy way to give away some Aurifil thread packs but we were wrong ……

One of our alternate applique designs. Download the pattern using the link below

It was a progress report, the quilt didn’t have to be finished.

In fact I almost expected to get a couple of photos of bundles of fabric with an “it is in the planning stage” comment, instead the only photos entered on the group page were our examples.

Either no one is making our little quilt … a sad thought

….. or these days it is too much trouble to add a photo to Flickr

…. maybe Instagram has become the preferred photo sharing platform.

Once my blocks were finished I had fun testing layout options. still not decided!

Once my blocks were finished I had fun testing layout options. I am still not decided!

We really did want to give away some thread packs, so if you haven’t started making your Welcome Quilt now is a good time to do so, to be ready for the next photo lucky draw.

You can collect the free patterns here  and start stitching.

(You do not need to register or “sign in” to access the patterns using this link. Once the page opens, simply use the “More Options” arrow, to the right of each file, to preview or download that file)

The Christmas Welcome applique option. download pattern using the link above

The next progress report will be in December so we will have to work out a better way for people to enter a photo for the lucky draw.

Help us decide by answering the poll:

If you haven’t been following the progress of Judysew4th’s quilt you will find a link to each post below:

Month One: The introduction to the Block of the Month

Month Two: Making Four Patches

Month Three: Using Half Square Triangles

Month Four: Combining Half Square triangles and Four Patches

Month Five: making Flying Geese

Month Six: Adding borders

Months seven through ten will add embroidery, plan the quilting, add bindings, labels & hanging sleeves until you end up with a small wall hanging quilt (24″ x 20″ finished) in time for Christmas, and our next photo competition.

The quilt has been designed to use fabrics out of your cupboard, and give you a way to try each of the four Cotton Mako’ thread weights on a small project.

Special Offer for blog followers:

Special Welcome Quilt Offer:

Save 10% when you purchase one spool from
each Cotton Mako’ thread weight
to make your quilt.

 Here is how to activate the Offer:

1.    Go to our online store

2.    Choose colours that will work with your fabrics.

3.    Make sure that you have selected one spool from each of the 4 Cotton Mako’ thread weights.

We chose a different colour for each task, and used a small spool of each of
Ne 50 for Applique,
Ne 40 for piecing,
Ne 28 for quilting &
Ne 12 for embroidery.

4.       Type “Welcome Quilt” in the comment box when checking out of the online store.

We will apply a 10% discount to 4 spools in your order before processing your payment.

8 Responses

  1. FB, that’s it.
    No instagram pintrest or flicka. too many these days

  2. I share photos on my blog (although lately it has been rather intermittent blogging) I have too many projects on the go to participate in this one, so I was just following to see what everyone else got up to, hopefully after November I will have a couple of projects finished and will be able to start this one.

  3. I still prefer to use my blog for photo sharing. I do have a flikr account but didn’t know people posted comps etc on there
    Jackie x

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for the response. I wasn’t sure how to share photos on the blog other than having everyone send their photos to us to upload.

      A Flickr account allows you to set up a group which other members of Flickr can join and add photos. All free services but the downside is that each person has to open a Flickr account, although we did offer to upload photos for anyone who didn’t have, or want, an account.


  4. I so wish I had seen this!!! I desperately want to try aurifil! I can’t seem to find it where I am (without having to pay really exorbitant shipping pricing). 🙂 🙂

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