Time is running out: enter your progess photo now to win an Aurifil thread pack

Have you been following (& making) our Modern Quilt Welcome block of the month?

If so, have you entered the competition by adding a progress photo to our flickr group?

The instruction for the last pieced block pattern was supplied this month. From now on the instructions will be designed to help you add embroidery, borders, sandwich & quilt the top and add a hanging sleeve and label.

So, to celebrate the “Blocks all Pieced” milestone, we set up a photo competition and time is running out to enter.

The competition closes on 31 July 2013 with the Lucky Drawer winners being announced on 2nd August.

The quilt doesn’t have to be finished, all we want is a photo to show your progress making the blocks.

I even thought that we might have had a couple of photos showing the fabrics and threads set aside with the patterns … ready and waiting for the spare five minutes to get started.

So don’t miss out on a chance to win an Aurifil thread pack.

Up load your photo now!

There are four applique blocks from which to choose for the centre of your quilt but you may remember Judysew4th told the story about why she chose a pineapple for the central applique on her quilt.

Up until then none of us here at Always Quilting had been familiar with the pineapple being used as a symbol of welcome & hospitality.pineapple-gate

So imagine my surprise this week when I joined a group visiting the Johnson Collection, a Museum house, and the guide pointed out the symbol on the gate as being a welcome …. you got it…. there was a pineapple sitting on the front gate of a beautiful old house in the middle of Melbourne.

If you don’t have a Flickr account you may send your photo directly to us to upload for you.

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