Tuesday Treats: How do YOU trim a triangle?

If you have been following our Welcome Quilt block of the month you know that several of the blocks in the quilt use Half Square Triangle (HST) units.

Half Square Triangle

Half Square Triangle

This HST building block unit gives you access to a multitude of design options but it is critical to get the diagonal line as accurate as possible when trimming.

I’ve always pressed the square open, then used a small square ruler to align the diagonal line with the seam line, before trimming the square to size.

So I found the technique displayed in the “More than One Way to Skin a Triangle?” post very interesting.

Sarah demonstrates a different method, trimming the blocks to size before pressing them open, that will still keep the diagonal seam line accurately positioned from corner to corner.

However, she does highlight a possible point  where errors could occur if you have used a thick thread for piecing the blocks.

So do read the instruction fully before attacking your squares with the rotary cutter & ruler.

I was pleased to see that she mentioned that you should not need to use the “scoot” adjustment if you are piecing with a fine thread such as Aurifil Cotton mako’ 50 (or Mako’ 40).

Half Square triangle units are a great design unit

Half Square triangle units are a great design unit

The next step in the making of the Modern Welcome Quilt will be posted later this week.

There are still a few more sets of instructions to be posted so don’t forget to come back on the first Friday each month.

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