And the Aurifil winners are …

Sixty Seven people entered the lucky draw to win a pack of Aurifil threads last week.

Part of one of the prizes

As well as telling us the code number, or name, of their favourite colours many left great comments on the “Aurifil Winter Solstice” post.  I’ve picked out a small selection of comments here.:

Love the way Cotton mako runs sooo smoothly for free motion quilting

I love the colour and feel of the Mako range

I am applique crazy and Aurifil 50 cotton thread is my favorite thread. It slides through fabric like silk thread. When teaching applique, I suggestion using Aurifil thread as it is the easiest to use when appliquéing

Haven’t stopped using the Aurfil threads since being introduced to them last year.

Since I tried the Aurifil Cotton Mako 50, other brands of cotton seem so inferior.  It slips so easily through the machine, it is a joy to use for free-motion quilting

I love the Mako 50 wt.  And it’s awfully hard narrowing it down to four!

Sew many colours but these go with my stash nicely,

I only use Aurifil, it is the best thread!

So thank you to the people who took the time to find the colour code numbers, or  names, of their favourite Aurifil thread colours.

Sadly it was not possible to have 67 winners so our congratulations go to the four people who did win the lucky draw:

No:  15  Jeannie  (New Zealand)
 No: 48  Jeneta   (WA)
No: 13  Patricia  (NSW)
 No: 36  Noela   (Qld)

Entries came from all over Australia & New Zealand, and even some from the Northern Hemisphere, so the New Zealand members of staff at Always Quilting were very pleased to see one of their fellow country women amongst the winners.

Prizes were posted earlier this week and one winner has already emailed to confirm the arrival of her prize:

I would like to thank you for my threads they just arrived  love the colours and thank you also for the pen. Pat

I thought you might be interested to see which colours were favourites at the moment so I collated the numbers, in a less than scientific manner, and added the results as page for you to view. Click the link below to open the page.

Solstice results

The other pleasing thing was that, although it was not a requirement of the competition, some people nominated a preferred thread range.

Cotton Mako’ 50 was popular with many people while a some people specified using Cotton Mako’ 40 & 12 for their projects.  Several other people used Lana and Aurilux colour numbers for their choice and commented on how they were using them in current project.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Brandy, I am sorry that you were disappointed that our competition did not not include the northern hemisphere.

    However you may not have realised that Always Quilting is the wholesale distributor for Aurifil in Australia & New Zealand.

    This means that any competition that we run will be targeted towards these two countries, to support our local retailers, to send prizes to local consumers who may not have previously used Aurifl threads.

    You will find that there are many other competitions, and offers, in USA & Europe that are sponsored by Aurifil Italy & USA.

  2. I love your thread as well. It is simply amazing. I was so happy to be introduced to your thread. I was however disappointed that the Winter Solstice couldn’t include us in the USA.

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