Aurifil Winter Solstice Give Away

I’ve had an idea to brighten up the shortest day of the year.

The Aurifil prize

One of the Aurifil prizes

As the days get shorter I find it very difficult to get an early start on the day.  I really don’t enjoy getting up in the dark and I need an incentive, something bright and cheerful, to encourage me to get to work on time.

So I thought that I would run a quick competition to
give away four Aurifil thread packs
on Monday morning.

To enter the competition all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us the colour code number and/or name of FOUR of your favourite Aurifil colours.

They can be Cotton Mako’, Lana, Brillo or Aurilux colours.

If you need help making a decision, pop over to our website where you can check out the full colour range for each thread type.

To enter the Competition:

  1. You must use a valid email address when making your comment.
  2. Prizes will only be sent to addresses in Australia & New Zealand.
  3. The competition  will close at midnight Sunday 23rd June, Australian Eastern Standard time
  4. Prizes will be awarded by lucky number draw
  5. the Judge’s decision is final

So Easy!

Join in the fun!

Leave a comment telling us your 4 favourite Aurifil colours for a chance to win one of the threads packs!

Thank you

The competition is now closed

73 Responses

  1. I have a great collection of basic & neutral colours, but I would love to add some brights. The Mako 50w is my go-to thread.
    My favourite colours that I don’t yet have are:
    1133 Bright Orange
    2425 Bright Pink
    2860 Light Emerald
    2815 Teal

  2. I love Cotton Mako for hand piecing and all the colours are beautiful but the most practical for me would be 2310,2505,2314 and 5004.

  3. If I have to choose just 4 they would be 50w 2250 red, my absolute favourite, 2325 linen, 2021 natural white and 4150 golden glow. I use Aurifil for piecing, appliqué and quilting. Just beautiful.

  4. Love the way Cotton mako runs sooo smoothly for free motion quilting
    I use a lot of 2692 love 2277,2145, 5002 as well

  5. I am collecting fabrics for a quilt based on Monet’s waterlilies so I am liking: Aurilux 5350, 5344, 5534 & 5234

  6. Just for their names, I love Pumpkin, Lobster Red, Very Dark Eggplant and Ermine (to properly keep me warm!)

  7. I use Cotton Mako 50, my favourite neutrals are 2314 Pale Flesh, 2312 Ermine and 2605 Grey, favourite colour at the moment is 2230 Medium Peony, I’m also enjoying using some variegated Mako 28 and 12 in some hand quilting.

  8. I’ve only started to come familiar with this range and have started to use it in a project I’m doing now. I’m using mako 5004 and 2310. But as for the other colour choices I think a red or purple would be beautiful.

  9. I am just about to start my first pieced hexagon project, and am looking forward to using Aurifil Cotton Mako 50. I like the basic piecing colours with a little pop of colour – 5004 grey smoke, 2600 Dove, 2000 light sand, 1231 Spring Green.

  10. I’ve only just come across these cottons. Currently I’m using Mako 5004 and 2310. I’ve had a look at other colors and there beautiful. I would love to use more in my other projects.

  11. I love the colour and feel of the Mako range. I have used 4225 on several purple projects . 2890 was used in an embroidery project. My next quilt will be brought to life by 4812 and 2810.

  12. I am applique crazy and Aurifil 50 cotton thread is my favorite thread. It slides through fabric like silk thread. When teaching applique, I suggestion using Aurifil thread as it is the easiest to use when appliquéing. My favorite colors are 2325, 2605 and 2905. Because of all the different Aurifil colors, I always find one of Aurifil colored threads to match my fabric color. I also use if for machine sewing and quilt pieceing. When traveling, I take my sewing machine bobbins that are filled with Aurifil thread in a Altoid tin for my traveling applique project.

  13. It’s my favorite thread for piecing and the ONLY thread I use….favs are 2610, 2021, 2692 & 2600 great neutrals in 50 wt. (Mako).
    Jane W.

  14. Haven’t stopped using the Aurfil threads since being introduced to them last year. I have the colour chart now and wow some gorgeous colours to choose from. I love the Mako Grey 2620, sooooo good for piecing. Black and white will be once again used during my quilting. Looking forward to an appliqué project to try out some other gorgeous colours.

  15. I absolutely love the cotton mako 50 range. Stitch in the ditch just disappears and they are perfect for my hand piecing and applique. My favourite colours are 2692, 2360, 2310, 2370.

  16. My favourites, at the moment, are 3275, 2900, 5016, and 4666. They’ll change for my next project.

  17. The colours I like in Mako 50 are 2692, 2615, 2860 & 2784. The black I need for a hexie top I’m making.

  18. The colours are gorgeous, but my favourite quilting colours are the neutrals – Dove, Stone, Muslin and beautiful glossy Black.

  19. Love the cotton mako. use it for all my quilting. favorite colors: 2410, 2123, 2105 and 6001

  20. I love the Mako cotton 50 wt. Some colors I am using right now are 2314, 2630, 1285 and 1310.

  21. I most love the Cotton Mako (50wt) colours that I find most versatile:
    White #2024
    Light Gray #2600
    Black #2692
    China Beige #2324

  22. I have been keen to try Aurofil 50 wt cotton thread for some time now as I have read so many good reports on it. However, I have been unable to find a store that sells it! The colours all look so beautiful but I’d like to try some colors that I’ve read are recommended for general piecing: 5004, 2600, 2310, 2615. Hoping luck is with me this time.

  23. Oh, so many lovely colours, but I have to go with Cotton Mako 2230, 1310, 2900, and 5016.

  24. Cotton macko natural white 2021 2437 2310 2423. Can’t resist the pinky shades!! Thx for the opportunity to win!!

  25. My fav’s are Mako 50 2315,2325,4657 & 2692. I love to piece and do applique with aurifil.

  26. Cotton macko natural white 2021 2437 2310 2423. Can’t resist those pinky shades!! Thx for the opportunity to win

  27. Since I tried the Aurifil Cotton Mako 50, other brands of cotton seem so inferior. It slips so easily through the machine, it is a joy to use for free-motion quilting. Currently my 4 favourite colours are…..

    2420 – when I tried quilting with this apricot, I fell in love with the delicate subtlety of the shading it adds when you backtrack.
    1003 – just a gorgeous maroon, it adds so much life.
    2345 – this is such an unusual shade, I just love it!
    4644 – perfect for my current project

  28. my four favourite colours are in the Midnight Roses collection. All Cotton Mako 2260 Light Crimson; 2888 Fern Green; 4182 PEeacock and 2140 Mustard. They go so well together. Thanks to Jenny and Aurifil

  29. Joan, My favourite coloured threads are Lana 8264, 8401, 8402, 8520.

  30. I use cotton Mako 50 in 2021 2024 2000 for general sewing and piecing patchwork and have a blue variegated which I love but haven’t used yet 4655

  31. Cotton mako 2250 red
    Cotton mako 2150 pumpkin
    Cotton mako 4659 mango mist
    Cotton mako 4663 baby blue eyes

  32. I must admit that I’ve never used Aurifil threads before, the colours look beautiful! I would love to try some, maybe if I don’t win I will buy some to have a play, hehe 😀 I love the colours of the cotton Mako’ NE 50: 1103,2530,2155 &2888, so vibrant.

  33. Cotton Mako 2021 2340 2310 2900 are colours I use for piecing and quilting.

  34. Cotton Mako 50wt thread in 4671 Mocha Mousse, 2725 Light Wedgewood, 2840 Loden Green and 2250 Red. It’s hard to pick as they are all lovely but these are the colours that go with projects I am working on.

  35. My favourite threads are the dissolving thread for trapunto, 2026, 1114 and 2021. I use a range of Auriful threads for machine embroidery, piecing and hand appliqué

  36. oh my… where do I begin! I would say my favourite would be Cotton Mako 2865 Emerald, 4150 Creme burlee, 2600 Dove and 2405 Oyster. Thank you for a chance to win!

  37. Natural White – good for piecing with whites.
    4655 Storm At Sea – I work with lots of blues, so this is always beautiful for quilting.
    4670 Silver Fox – good for general quilting.
    2615 Aluminium – great for piecing anything!

  38. Cotton Mako 50 is my favourite – colours (today) would be – 2730, 3817, 4241 and 2715; but ask me tomorrow and I may have a different 4 🙂 There’s just so many to choose from.

  39. My goodness… where do I begin!!
    I would say my fav colours would be Cotton Mako 4020 Fuchsia, 2405 Oyster 2225 Salmon and 2865 Emerald. Thank you for a chance to win!

  40. Thank you for the chance to win some Aurifil threads. For piecing my quilts I like beige or grey so Cotton Mako 2310 Light Beige, 2612 Artic Sky, and then I always like to have spools of hot pink and aqua, just because they’re my favourite colours and they come in handy – 2530 Blossom Pink and 5005 aqua.

  41. There is a colour for every project. My favourites are cotton mako 2026, 4093, 1125, and 2846.

  42. My favourites are 5021, 2311, 5015 and 2318 in mako 40, runs beautifully in my Singer.

  43. I love the Mako 50 wt. And it’s awfully hard narrowing it down to four! For love of colour: 4020 Fuchsia and 4093 Jade, for piecing 2605 (grey) is my go too and and handy one for quilting that works with lots of light fabric colours is 2310 Light Beige.

  44. Cotton Mako numbers 2265 Lobster Red, 2425 Bright Pink, 2810 Turquoise, 2730 Delft Blue. It is very hard to pick favourites and they are all gorgeous colours.

  45. Sew many colours but these go with my stash nicely, Cotton Mako 2026 chalk, 5002 medium red, 5021 light grey and 2882 light fern.

  46. My favourite cotton Mako colours are: 2452 Dusty Rose, Mako 3770 Stonewashed Denim, 3320 and 1148 Light Jade

  47. J’aime ces couleurs de l’hiver …. Que de chemin parcouru depuis votre première fois à sainte Marie au mines… Continuer de nous permettre d’enjoliver nos Quilts…

  48. I love the cotton 50w threads for my piecing & machine quilting, though I’d love to try some of the heavier threads for some hand quilting. My favourite go to thread is 2600, and 3 others that I really love (and think I’ll have to make projects just to use them) are 2250, 4020 & 2582.

  49. I just love all the colours but my absolutle favourites are 2520, 4220, 2535 and 2888 as they are the ones I seem to use most often.

  50. 50 wt cotton Mako

    Strawberry #1100

    Pastoral Green #2882

    Pistachio #2886

    Olive #2887

  51. I like the variegated cotton Mako & Aurilux threads for free machine embroidery as well as quilting – some of my favourites: cotton Mako: 3770, 4655, 4657 & Aurilux 5824 (just bought a nice selection of these when they were on special & love them all)

  52. I like the whole collection of I Can Fly, citrus collection. I can’t pinpoint just 4, I like them all and the collection has something for everything. (almost) LOL

  53. My favorites are cotton mako 50wt in 2021, 2024, 2000 and 2692 – they seem to be appropriate for so many quilts!

  54. It took me a while to figure out why you’re celebrating the *shortest* day, when it’s actually the *longest* day! Then I saw how you spelled ‘colour’ and ‘favourite’, and immediately concluded that we are not in the same country, NOR the same hemisphere (I’m smart that way) and it all became clear to me. Come visit me in San Diego, California, in the US, and we can celebrate some lovely long summer days right in the middle of your short dark ones. 😦 And yes, I love my threads from Aurifil but they’re upstairs and I’m downstairs, all comfy in my chair, so I can’t tell you the numbers of my *favorite* ones. 🙂 Warm regards.

    • I’m with you, Deborah. The entire thing confused me too, but did you notice we can’t bother to join as they only sending to Oz and NZ? Nice threads though, I agree!

  55. They are all so pretty…. my favorites Aurilux 5566,5722,5738,5334 Thanks for the fun~!! Good luck everyone`

  56. I really like the Cotton Mako 2026, 5021, 2000 & 2309

  57. I heard so much about Aurifil threads, i would like to try it some day. My favourite colours are Mako 2606 and 2021 for neutral stitching; and 4020 fuchsia for its vibrant colour.

  58. I only use Aurifil, it is the best thread! This week I used 2710, 2310, 4150, 2892. As a new quilter, I would take any color…I need to build a stash!

  59. I am finding it so hard to choose my next quilt i am doing mauve, yellow, green and brown so there are my colour choice i just love Aurifil threads so easy to work with

  60. Love Cotton Mako and faves would be 4652, 3660, 4647, 4654. Thanks for the chance to win – nice way to celebrate the solstice!

  61. I’m hooked on Mako 50 weight Aurifil thread, always for piecing and often for other uses too. My favorite #1 is 5011 (too hard to find!), and also love 4060, 2605, and 2325.

  62. Oh only four? Mmmm…OK so let’s go with four used most recently this week…I use Cotton Mako 50 for applique and hand piecing and the favourite colour/s of the moment depend on what the project is I’m working on…so last night I hand pieced with 1126, 1103 and 5007 and for a fourth, one used during the week on a totally different project in all ways…for appliqué…1231…playing with fabric and Auriful thread is certainly good incentive for getting a start on a cold dark wintery day…

  63. Lots and lots of scrummy colours, but I like the combination of the Lemon lime 4 pack – 5017, 1231, 1147 and 5015.

  64. The winter solstice has always been my favourite day of the year. I love the idea that the days will ‘get longer’ from here – more time to sew! If only…

    Hard to choose favourites as it depends on the project of the moment. For a good basic palette I would choose 2310, 5010, 2610 and 2021 in the 50 wt Mako.

  65. I can’t honestly say I have only 4 favourite colours!! so some of my favourites are 2123, Butter; 2395 Pumpkin Spice; 2568 Mulberry; and 2715 Robin’s Egg.(Cotton Mako 50) – If you asked me tomorrow I would probably give a different four-. Thank you for the opprtunity to win some of your beautiful thread

  66. I love aurifil threads,its the only thread I use.My go to are grey,black,ecru,pink and only a few others.thanks.vonda

  67. I really love Cotton Mako variegated threads, so my favourite threads (for today!) would be Golden Glow 3920, Liquorice Twist 4652, and I have just seen Mint Julep 4661, and Lemon Blueberry 4649…..aren’t they delicious!

  68. Delicious colours!! Cotton Mako 2535,4093,2810 and 2525

  69. I have used and love 2250 in 12wt , my go to favorite 4241 & 2325 in 50wt and 4060 in40wt I used for quilting a few quilts .

  70. What colour isn’t to love but if I have to pick four they would be Mako 50 3817 4225 5015 and black 2692


  71. Sooo many colours to choose from. But my favourites for piecing are Cotton Mako 2324, 2692, 2730 & 2610.

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