Why do I do it??

Some of the lovely fabrics I was "forced" to buy

Some of the lovely fabrics I was “forced” to buy

More of the 'requirements'

More of the ‘requirements’

I went away for the weekend to another patchwork “Retreat”. When I use the word ‘retreat’, I should say there is nothing relaxing, or private about this one – hard (sewing) work, lots of talk, too much eating and sometimes drinking, sleeping in ‘bunk’ beds made for youngsters (not middle aged women) AND we go on waiting lists, send our expressions of interest on the overnight mail to get in and pay money for the privilege of attending this weekend!!

I am sure this situation happens all over the quilting world – and we love it!!!!!!!!!! However, I come home with yet another quilt/wall hanging/table runner/bag etc to finish. Why do I do it to myself???? and I think I would not be the only person attending a weekend retreat workshop asking themselves this question.

I had a wonderful time. Enjoyed every moment. Came home tired (and I wasn’t doing the driving), with washing to do, bags to unpack BUT fabulous memories of good times shared with like minded patchworkers who enjoy quilting and sewing just like me.

Oh !! to show the next project to finish – here are some glimpses.

Some of the 'work'

Some of the ‘work’

I am going to make a small wall quilt with eight blocks – only 4 more to go.

Assortment of autumn toned fabrics with contrasting backgrounds.

Assortment of autumn toned fabrics with contrasting backgrounds.

And I am lucky enough to be able to choose some gorgeous Aurifil threads to sew the raw edges with, and quilt the project at the same time.004

Thank you Dianne Johnston and the Patches Weekend at Phillip Island.

3 Responses

  1. The blocks are looking good. Thanks for posting this week.

  2. ok, seriously… those blocks rock… can you explain the construction a bit?

    • Glad you like the blocks. The fabrics are batiks, as they give a crisp edge when raw edge sewing or buttonholing around them on the sewing machine. The construction method is reverse applique – put down the background square first, in my case the autumn(fall) toned fabric, and then place the other colours on top.

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