Tuesday Treats: Aurifil back in stock

Have you noticed how our Tuesday Treats seem to be slipping later into the week?

Well I’ve got a good excuse this week.

Boxes & Boxes of Cotton Mako’ 40 waiting to be counted & shelved

Our latest shipment of threads arrived yesterday so I spent the day trying to make space so that we could shelve the new stock.

Then today, it was all hands on deck as we unpacked, counted and put away boxes, & boxes, and even more boxes of thread.

Unpacking day is always a strenuous day,  but it is fun as we stop to check out the new goodies in the shipment.

Just have a look at these thread packs!

The colours in this pack were chosen by Edyta Sitar

The colours in this pack were chosen by Edyta Sitar

We managed to put everything away BUT it is a very tight squeeze on the shelves at the moment

So watch this space for a Space Maker Sale later this month

Of course tomorrow, I will have to start filling the orders and packing stock in preparation for delivering all the beautiful colours to the Aurifil retailers at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne next week.

So no rest for the next few days.

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