Not always about chocolate

Easter friends

Easter is next week, and it is time to look out my Easter decorations.  I have quite a few, collected over the years.   Some are ceramic, some are metal, some papier-mache and some glass.  I enjoy buying a new rabbit or egg each year – and usually these aren’t made out of chocolate!!

Eggs and Chickens

Some years ago I saw a lovely pattern by Marg Low of Marg Low Designs – it was of two fabric rabbits called “Oscar and Pip”.  I think I started them before Easter one year and finished them the following year – not because the pattern is difficult – but because I ran out of time to complete them by Easter and so I  put them away.

Easter RabbitsI also purchased a kit of fabric eggs by Marg too – called “Easter Treats” and these were fun to make as in the kit came some lovely buttons and braids.

Fabric Eggs

I love getting out my decorations at Easter time and trying to remember where they all came from – and like my Christmas ornaments, these ones are increasing in number too.  However, I am beginning to think – is Easter this year like Christmas of last – coming around far too fast? Where has the year of 2013 gone? it is travelling far too quickly for me!

2 Responses

  1. Your decorations are so pretty. The embellishments on the eggs are delightful. Thanks for the great ideas.

  2. I also adore decorating my house for Easter and I do love the idea of buying a new creation every year, so that it builds up. I may start today! – Suzy

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