Tuesday Treat: Our Valentine to You

Our Happy Valentine to You

We wish to share our favourite Aurifil colours with you


We each picked out a selection of Aurifil threads in our favourite colour …

or our favourite colour of the day because, with 252 colours in the range, who could claim only one colour


Ladybirdee chose her favourite reds……


JudySew4th chose her favourite purples


I couldn’t go past Emerald Turquoise & Teal Blues


KnitsnQuilts couldn’t  limit herself to only one colour  …


Bronwyn is the quiet member of staff, but she joined us on the blog to share her favourite colours of Coral & Peach

So Happy Valentine’s Day to You from Us at Always Quilting

Now we would love you to join in the fun for a chance to win a prize that is even better than chocolate.

 Five lucky people will win an Aurifil thread pack, Valentine Gift, from us!

 To enter the lucky draw for one of the prizes,
simply comment here to share your favourite thread colour with our readers,
and be sure to fill in the comment form with a valid email address
so that we can contact you when you win.
(Email addresses are not disclosed on the blog)

Entries close: Midnight Valentine’s day (Eastern Australian Standard time)

Competition is only open to residents of Australia & New Zealand

61 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the prize. I await it with eager anticipation. I’m about to start a quilt with Kaffeeklatsch Fassett fabrics and think I’ll use Aurifil for the quilting (depending on the colours of course:) )

  2. I love the soft greens that can be used for gum leaves & the Australian bush. I also love to quilt with ochre colours (Brown/orange & deep mustard) on a whole cloth that is mid grey with just a faint tinge of brown in it. It is a stunning combination. Thank you for your beautiful range of threads.

  3. I love Red. All shades of red from orange to purple. I try to include it in all my quilts and my clothes. I have red everywhere in my house. The colour red makes me happy

  4. So this is an easy one for me…red , red, red.
    It says confidence, even if you don’t really have it!’ Passion, fire, warmth and love. Not only that it provides so much contrast and plays nicely with so many other colours and tones.

  5. I’m a grey girl at the moment, blends with everything so well. My granddaughter Lily would tell you red, but red and grey look sooo nice together, maybe I could use both

  6. My favourite colour is yellow if I have to pick only one colour. I love bright colours but tend to do a lot of my quilts in black and white with a touch of colour.

  7. Love them all! Shades of Green and Orange my two favourite colours . I joined my LQS Aurifill Club I’m learning applique but not using any of my aurifill until I’m better at it.

  8. I also love the Edyta Sitar collections, and the neutrals especially 2370, but the teals an corals are just gorgeous!

  9. I am in a blue/green phase and love the look of these shades in everything at present.

  10. My favourite colour is purple, there are so many variations of purple and they mix with lots of other colours. I use a lot of purple in crazy quilts so some threads that match would be excellent for the different stitches. I can see a lovely mauve feather stitch on deep purple fabric.

  11. Pinks and greens are my go betweens,
    Beiges and greys to blend,
    Blues and aquas or are they greens?
    Would make my heart content!
    Happy Valentines Day to all!

  12. It’s so hard to choose just one colour as I love so many and I also love Aurifil threads. I would choose green as my favourite as I need lots of greens for my hand applique pieces. Thanks for asking.

  13. I’m going through an aqua phase – cool and pretty!

  14. Green, blue, purple, red……. Then again autumn tones….. My very favourite colour is blue – jacaranda and hydrangea in the softer shades, sapphire in the stronger ones. Thanks for your generosity and the chance to win some of the glorious aurifil range.

  15. I love purple deep through to very pale, with orange as a close second.

  16. Just one favourite colour! I like them all but really if I have to pick one above others it has to be purple (or it could be teal) 🙂

  17. I cant just pick one colour so will go with neutrals as they go with anything – not that love is neutral at all!

  18. A bunch of soft olive greens or blends….love those restful soft colors.

  19. Choosing an Aurifil colour is like being in a lolly shop!!! I’m very partial to greens and pinks and picked up a “colour chart” at Box Hill last Saturday to drool over and make choices from. Happy Valentines day.

  20. My fav color is a blue that is not quite teal, not quite aqua, and not quite turquoise…it’s like the color of blue hydrangeas.

  21. I love the yellows and the greens and…well, do I have to choose? I have loved Aurifil threads since my first spool. I would love to win any Aurifil any time!

  22. I luv the aquas and the teal blues – always using them! 🙂 Fran.

  23. Well I love brights and one have one of Sarah Vedeler’s collections but I always seem to forget about purchasing neutrals to piece with (they just never catch my magpie eyes…) so maybe if I was to win I should get some neutrals colours to piece with, or maybe I would just go with my heart in the true spirit of Valentine’s day and go bright 🙂

  24. How you can pick just your favourite colour they are all favourites, but if I really had to I would go the greens. Thanks for the chance to win a free pack

  25. Well I’m a new Aurifil user so ill be boring and say the creams and grays. They go with just about every project I’ve used them with. But really my favourite colour is pink – cant wait to get my hands on the links and try them.

  26. So many colours how do I choose, a surprise would be nice as I have quite a few.
    If I don’t win I shall be so livid, as the Aurifl colours are all so vivid!!

    ( I wont be livid really)

  27. I’m with Quiltnkilts – too hard to decide, so I’d pick a selection of colours. Hers look pretty good to me? I’d love to try some of the lighter weight ones though.

  28. I don’t really have a favorite color because they are all beautiful. I am drawn to the purples. They are all so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win…

  29. I love the 50 weight.. so versatile…any clear crisp colours appeal and the 2021 white is so versatile!

  30. What can I add love them all but seem to be in an aqua phase at present .Love the multicoloured ones the best as use them for machine drawing with thread .

  31. I don’t really have a favourite – there are too many to choose from! I do use 2021 in 50wt for all my piecing though, so I’d have to say that :o)

  32. I have to pick one colour??. But they are all wonderful, from the lush reds to the vibrant blues, the limey greens, earthy browns and the sunshine yellows each has their own attributes and I love them all. In the last year I have discovered how wonderful Aurifil threads are to use, whether its for appliqué or quilting, they are fantastic. I have been using a lot of 2250 it is the best red I have come across.

  33. I too have a wonderful selection of Aurifil Neutrals for machine piecing. They make my piecing so accurate and Aurifil 50wt is perfect for the liberty quilt I am making at the moment. Both for the machine stitching and the hand applique. I also find that for top stitching on my shirts Aurifil sits on the fabric just right and looks fantastic. I am definately an aurifil girl and am filling the gaps in my collection too. Fabourite colours have got to be reds blues and greens. As a scrap quilter who adores colour how can you have a favourite I ask 🙂

  34. I have only just stumbled across Aurifil and I am using a variegated one for the first time – though it is on a machine that needed urgently to get serviced – so I can’t play with it at the moment ;( thanks for the chance for some beautiful threads!

  35. So hard to choose one colour, Aurifil has such a great range to choose from. Not only colours, but in different weights as well to suit different projects. However, if pressed, I love the aqua blues.

  36. Great quality thread in every colour.


  38. I’m loving the Emerald Turquoise. This group of colours seem to be sneaking into my work everywhere lately!

  39. Oh, I love the greens! They look like the colours of the ocean. Aurifil threads are like a quilters “paints” and I’m enjoying the palette of colours available for my appliqué.

  40. I am busy at the moment quilting a charity quilt for our quilt group to donate to one of the many people in my home town of Bunaberg who lost all their posessions and homes in the recent floods. I have 50 wt Aurifil in my machine and it is quilting my free motion feathers like a dream.

  41. I have a stash of Aurifil threads that has grown over the years. I removed all my old threads from my 2 wall racks and filled them with Aurifil. When I need some thead I usually have the colour but it will be in the wrong weight for the job e.g. 50Wt when I want to hand quilt, 28wt when I want to hand peice. Thank goodness your shop is accessible in my lunchhour!
    Green is the colour I use the most but my red stash is lacking. There are so many shades of red/rust/orange/burgundy!

  42. I love Edyta Sitar’s collections.But could always use more colors. I have to order all my Aurifil online as my local quilt shop does not carry. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. I only have a couple of spools of Aurifil as we do not have a local shop. I bought what I have at a couple of quilt shows after hearing so many rave reviews about it. And after trying it out I have to admit it is wonderful! So I guess it will go on my mail order lists in the future! All I have are neutrals but those reds look lucious!

    • Hi Pat, a lot of our retail outlets have online stores in addition to their LQS so I am sure you will find a source for more thread.

      However, if you can’t find what you are looking for you can contact us for help.

  44. I can’t pick just one Auriful thread that I like because I LIKE them all!! I have my Aurifil threads in a drawer by my sewing machine and when I need a new thread I have to open each box (Sarah Vedeler collections) and pick which thread I want to use. If I can’t find it there then I go to a bigger case that has threads I have brought at my LQS. In reading her FB they are adding more Auriful colors so I see a trip in the near future. I love the weight and feel of the 50wt cottons. Really looking forward to the Aurifil Longarm threads!

  45. it’s so hard to choose! I have a set of neutral colors, Aurifil 50 wt, and I just used a light gray to quilt a wallhanging. It was a joy to work with so today that’s my favorite color!

    • I like that you have a set of neutral colours. I always say that there should be 5 or 6 colours in a neutral “piecing” collections, a soft khaki greenish colour, a soft warm brown, a light golden wheat, a light blue grey,a soft white and a very dark grey or flat black. With a set of these colours you can piece anything and Aurifil has a lot of colours from which to choose.

  46. I love white! That is pretty much what is in my machine all the time. Thanks for a great giveaway! connie

  47. I love the colours of summer- red, yellow, blue and aqua!

  48. I tend to go for the reds like Ladybirdee but I also love variegateds and you have some lovely ones!

    • Thank you for joining in the fun Linda.

      Have you tried thread painting with the variegates? Those single colour, light through dark, variegations make lovely water colour effects.

  49. I’m an Aurifil lover, slowly replacing all threads with Aurifil. My favorite go to thread is 2325- 50wt cotton, I use it for hand piecing and machine piecing . I love that it blends in with any color fabrics, doesn’t knot when sewing by hand, no fluff in the machine too.i love working with Aurifil 12wt cotton embroidery thread. For redwork embroidery my favorite color is 2250 12wt cotton, I love that with the 12wt thread I don’t need to split threads and thread needle straight from spool. And finally for machine-quilting I like 50wt variegated thread I use 4667 the most.

  50. One of my most favourite colours is a vibrant, shiny, light grey (2600 I think). Just scrummy!

  51. Oh my…..with so many glorious Aurifil colours to choose from how does one pick a favourite! I do admit though to a particular liking for green, any green……rich deep forest green, magnificent emerald, glorious chartreuse, decadent lime, soft apple, delicate celery……you get the idea!

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