Stars for Christmas

Handmade Christmas Angel

Handmade Christmas Angel

When I decorate my Christmas tree in early December I always enjoy finding old treasures among the many, many decorations I have collected or been given over the years.  I try to remember who gave me a certain decoration, or when I purchased some for myself.  I like to buy a new one each year, and should be more disciplined about putting the date on the new addition – but of course I forget.


I have many handmade decorations given to me by patchwork and stitching friends.  I do remember who gave me those, as they are so individual, and I treasure them all.

Cathedral Window and Stocking ornaments

Cathedral Window and Stocking ornaments

In one of my sewing groups a few years ago, we decided to make a star for each member of the group and exchange them at Christmas.  It seemed like a great idea  when the topic was raised in the early part of the year.  However as the months went on, and no stars were started, the last minute panic began!!  I managed to get all of mine done, and was happy with the result.  Naturally, I ran out of time and didn’t make one for myself!!  But the photos below, show the variety and beauty of the ones I received.



They are a special reminder each Christmas of my friends in this stitching group, and I feel very lucky to have them in my life.

All of us at Always Quilting, wish our blog readers a very happy festive season, and may 2013 be full of joy and lots of time for quilting, patchwork and stitching.

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  1. I love home made Christmas ornaments and these are gorgeous.

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