Christmas Preparations NQR (not quilt related) – OR – It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

What would all these things have in common???

Mason Cash Mixing Bowl

Some of the smaller tins I use

Dried fruits and nuts

Around this time of the calendar year, some of us like to consider doing some Christmas baking – specifically Christmas cakes which take a while to ‘mature’. They are easy to bake and they can be made well in advance of December when life starts to get fairly hectic.
For me,  making the traditional Christmas fruit cake is important – it brings back childhood memories of stirring the cake mixture and making a ‘wish’ – usually for that toy you hoped that Father Christmas would bring you.  When the cake is in the oven,  my house  has a delicious smell of fruit cake cooking.  Often you have to bake when the temperature outside may quite summery (remember we live in the Southern Hemisphere where Christmas Day can often be very hot – like today’s temperature which reached 39 Deg C ).
I make my cake; using a recipe generously given to me by a special girlfriend,  in a bowl I have had all my married life. It is generally only used to make the Christmas cake in – although back in the days when I baked bread, I used it for that too.  I even have a special wooden spatula my father made me to mix all the dried fruit, eggs, butter, flours and spices together.

The finished cake – ready for icing

This year, I have made some smaller cakes to give away as Christmas gifts. I will probably roll out some white fondant ‘icing’ and decorate them simply with a holly leaf. Other years I have put an arrangement of cherries and almonds on the top so that there is no need for icing at all.

Some more cakes, stored in plastic wrap and ready for icing.

I wonder if anyone else has special baking they only do at Christmas?

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