The Universal Welcome of Quilt Shows

I have been quilting for 28 years and I have visited dozens of quilt shows.

When touring the USA recently, I visited a community quilt show in Sonora, California that was held at the fairgrounds.

 The moment I entered the grounds I was greeted with the friendly smiles and familiar signs leading to the raffle tickets, refreshment area, shops and the members market full of handmade items for sale.

Sonora, California Quilt Show

I could have been at any quilt show anywhere in the world.  The universal kindness and generous spirit is something all quilters share.

The only difference, that became evident as I looked at the quilts, was the overall fabric colour used. In general, the colours reflected the environment around the quilter. The colours in that part of California were different to the colours one would see in many quilts here in Australia(THAT intense red earth).

Australian Colours in Lee Taylor’s Bargello                            

Gay Losher’s California Colours

Barb Young’s SNOW DAYS in Wisconsin USA
                                                    A Crazy Quilt made by Scott Mattson’s grandmother in the 1950’s-USA

Sometimes the quilt style was familiar but the actual subject matter was quite personal and unique to the location.

Detail from Everyday Life on the Reservation
Detail from Everyday Life on the Reservation

The friendships were evident in several group quilts and I particularly liked this quilt celebrating an 80th birthday.

Joice Swadell’s 80th Birthday Present from To Bee or Not To Bee members
Detail of Home is Where Your Friends Are

On my return, I attended a local quilt show near Tyabb in southeast Victoria. The similarities in the quilts and in the generous welcome were striking.

Linda Burns uses the One Block Wonder Pattern-USA


                                Ann Mill’s Kaleidescopes and Cubes from the Quilt Show Tyabb-AU

This Victorian show had a special activity in the refreshment area to keep visitors entertained while they enjoyed their coffee and light lunch.

Can You Name These Townships?

When home or away, visit a quilt show near you!

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