Tuesday Treats: Playing with Colour

This post is a day late but I’ve been playing with colour.

What am I going to do with fabrics in these colour combinations?

Following on from my last post, I really did have a great quilty day on Saturday as I went fabric shopping on the way home from the friendship meeting.

If I wanted to pass the blame for the spend up, it would be to the two friends who had arrived late after having been shopping on the way to the meeting. Their purchases were just so tempting … well I am sure that you know the rest of the story.

I  told myself I would just go to “have a look” as I really didn’t need any more fabric at the moment.  Well as often happens, I fell in love with this big bold flower print. I know it has been around for a while but I still love it.

I love this big bold print “Sakura” for Red Rooster

Then of course, I had to buy some coordinating colours.

The coordinating colours that I chose are mish mash of styles & print sizes

I just picked out lights, mediums & darks in colour families from the print, but I know that people often use the colour dots along the selvedge as a guide.

The information along the selvedge can be a handy tool for picking coordinating colours

This is a handy hint if you want extra fabrics to coordinate with something purchased earlier … you only need to carry a small strip to the shop rather than the meterage.

I have no particular plans for this purchase, but I do have some ideas playing in my head. The prints are a bit of a mish mash … bold floral, little flower prints & modern geometrics all mixed together but I’ve always enjoyed mixing it up by colour value.

Which brings me to the link that I want to share today:

Sorting your stash is a very helpful post on the Martingale blog. It includes a great workshop lesson from the “Color for the Terrified Quilter” by the authors  Sharon Pederson and Ionne McCauley.

Please join in the fun and leave a comment to share your best hint for sorting fabrics by colour.

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