Catching up with like minded friends is a treat

I’ve missed catching up with my patchwork groups for the past three months or more.

We meet twice a month and, although I rarely manage to go to a weekday meeting, I do try to go to the Saturday meetings, but it has just not been possible for the past few months … I’ve either been out of town, or working, …. and I’ve missed the company.

One year we cut up a piece of wrapping paper and each member had to translate her piece into a textile representation. We were very pleased with the way the finished pieces came back together in fabric.

Over the years we have made quilts for each other, shared workshops, gone on shop hop road trips and had weekends away but just spending a day together relaxing and sharing ideas and stitching is so refreshing.

Some years we hold our Christmas lunch at someone’s home and others we go out to a cafe.

We do have our own private blog, where we can share photos of our stitching, or family events, in between meetings but there is nothing quite as good as sitting with a group of women over a cup of tea (or coffee in my case), enjoying a cake while stitching and talking.

My quilt, made by the members during our “row by row” challenge.

So Saturday was a treat for me!

I got to catch up on the news in person, meet a new member to our group and generally relax with like minded company. Bliss!

Do you have a patchwork friendship group?

Have you, like us, set yourselves challenges or made share quilts and round robins?

I would love to hear about your experiences.

2 Responses

  1. I love the last one.

    • Thank you. It is one of my favourite quilts.

      We had to make a row of patchwork each month for some one else’s quilt, based on a specific instruction. eg; one month the row had to include flying geese blocks.

      It was up to the individual as to how they interpreted the instruction and we were allowed to see all the rows except the one that was to go into our own quilt.

      At the end of the challenge we received the rows for our quilt, to make up into any layout we chose.

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