Tuesday Treats: Ideas for working with Wool Applique

Following on from the mention of the Quilted Crow , a shop that specialises in wool fabrics and applique, in our last post I thought it was worth mentioning a few other sites that have great information for starting applique with wool fabrics.

Wool applique can be fun, especially if you use Aurifil Lana for the stitching

Paula, from Quiltmaker magazine, has put together a great tutorial about wool applique that can be found on the, “Quiltmaker Blog“.

The instructions are well illustrated, and easy to follow, and include valuable tips about using paper backed fusibles.

There are some more interesting ideas for holding the applique pieces to the backgound fabric on the “Quilt with Us” blog.

To finish, if you want to make your own quick wool project watch the “Quilty” video below to make a heart with Marianne Fons

And of course, don’t forget that the Lana thread from Aurifil is a perfect compliment to wool fabric.

Happy stitching!

I love finding, & sharing, well written tutorials for textile techniques.

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  1. Thank you for adding these very valuable tips.

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