Lana Loveliness

When some of the members of my patchwork guild went away on a weekend Retreat recently,  I was interested to see what work the ‘hand sewers’ would take to do.  We have a group of ladies who bring their sewing machines and work hard all weekend producing new patchwork tops or complete their ufos.

The ladies who bring hand sewing also work hard, but more slowly and peacefully (piecefully?!!) on their work.  Some brought hand piecing to do, others hand quilted while some embroidered.

Jeanette started an embroidery a few Retreats ago, but this year she brought it finished for “show and tell” .  I thought it was just beautiful and asked if I could blog about it.

A close up of one flower

The pattern is from Mrs Sew and Sew  and is called “Red Design”.  The original is red embroidery on a white background, but Jeanette has changed the colours and used an unusual linen fabric as her background fabric.

A beautiful beetle

She has used Aurifil Lana threads – including a couple of variegated ones.  There are many different stitches on the embroidery – not just your ‘standard’ stem stitch or back stitch.

An elegant bird

I am hoping  some other embroiderers may choose to use Lana in their hand work as it works so well and the range of colours is extensive.

More beautiful work

The finished embroidery

5 Responses

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  2. Beautiful artwork, great inspiration.

  3. Beautiful embroidery, I like !

  4. Beautiful! I haven’t worked with my Lana yet-this compels me to get it out and work with it!

  5. Wow, Those pieces are beautiful – I am in awe!

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