Inspiring Margaret Preston

My local guild has a subgroup called the “art quilters”.  We have spent time this year studying artists and using their work as ‘inspiration’ for some textile pieces.  The group selected various artists to look at early in the year, and it has been a wonderful opportunity to learn something about people we may not have had interest in before.

Margaret Preston inspired design

Australian,  Margaret Preston,  was the artist we studied recently.  “She was highly influential during the 1920s to 1940s for her modernist works as a painter and print maker and for introducing Aboriginal motifs into contemporary art.”  In our group we all produced such varied works, all inspired by this wonderful artist and the variety probably reflects the large body of work Margaret created in her lifetime.

Close-up of the design

My textile piece  is ‘ a work in progress’ (as the safety pins show!!) – I still have many hours to go in finishing the thread quilting.  It is based on a hand-coloured woodcut of a Hakea and Tea-tree (both Australian native plants).    I have tried to keep to a minimum the number of colours,  using only black and red, as the original woodcut was like this.   I used some felt tipped Fabrico pens to ‘draw’ the design and colour in some of the areas.

Threads for quilting

Then I added the Aurifil threads to quilt through the three layers. I’ve tried three of the thread weights Ne 12, Ne 40 and Ne 28 to give slightly different effects.

I am optimistically hoping I will complete it soon – along with all the other ufo’s piling up!!

2 Responses

  1. Wow! Love, love, love, love this.

  2. This is gorgeous! I really like the red and black on the white – beautiful.

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