Tuesday Treats: Try your hand at free motion quilting for the first time.

If you haven’t tried free motion quilting before, the thought can be vary daunting.

  • The idea of manipulating a large quilt under the sewing machine.
  • The thought  of possibly spoiling a carefully pieced quilt with those less than perfect “first time” stitches
  • Not knowing “what” to stitch

These are all thoughts that can block your creativity and prevent you from just getting out there and “doing it”

Free motion flowers with echo background fill

Well Cintia, of My Poppet, came up with a brilliant way to experiement with, and develop, those free motion quilting skill.

She uses pretty teatowels, instead of a quilt top, and stitches around the printed designs, to solve those creativity blockers:

  • You are working on a small A3 size piece of fabric so it is easy to manipulate under the machine
  • The “quilt top” is relatively inexpensive, you probably already have something suitable in the cupboard
  • You didn’t spend hours and hours piecing
  •  The quilting design is already on the fabric so you can start stitching without any lost time marking out quilting patterns.

See if you can find a pretty teatowel like this one, used by Cintia in her tutorial

So time to rummage through the cupboard to find a teatowel, and follow Cintia’s very clear tutorial to try your hand at free motion quilting.

Leave us a comment if you found this idea useful and don’t forget to call back next week to see what else we have found to share in our Tuesday Treats.

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