Birthday Surprise

Someone at Always Quilting had a special birthday recently. We wanted to honour this grand event by making a surprise birthday present. (You see we weren’t supposed to know this birthday was happening!) So, much deliberation and soul searching and mental creativity occurred in the months leading up to a decision being made.

We decided to make a bag, big enough to carry a finished quilt  OR at least be used for storage of fabrics, threads, books, notions or patterns!

Secret meetings were arranged, colour choices worked out and fabrics selected and purchased.

The perfect thread with the perfect fabric

Each person was allocated a horizontal row to design and make. Firstly, the “braid” was sewn:

Beautiful braid of fabric

Then the fabrics were passed to another person who put together the 6″ row of squares.

Big Square blocks are sensational

Then the foundation pieced flowers for the top row were made.

Sweet flower blocks

It was quite exciting seeing the different rows being completed.

Finally the bag was put together with horizontal sashing, lining, handles and quilting- ALL with Aurifil thread of course!!

Completed Birthday Bag

The birthday girl was quite surprised when we gave her the present. We know she will get lots of use out of it!

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  4. What a wonderful, wonderful bag ! Love all the mystery about it and the fabulous choice of fabrics. Are these materials made in Australia ?

  5. Oh Oh, so it is true. When the boss is away the staff will play.

    You may have noticed that I have already used my lovely bag to transport a quilt for show & tell.

    Thank you.

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