Tuesday Treats: Do you enter Quilt challenges?

Quilt Challenges can be a great way to extend your skills and “challenge” your boundaries but, sadly, people often avoid entering because they think that they are “not creative” or that their stitching is not “good enough“.

So, as the sponsor, I was thrilled to see the clever pieces that had been entered in the Victorian Quilter’s Inc 2012 challenge. Congratulations to the winners :

First Prize:  Fran Batrouney
Second Prize: Ramona Resurreccion
Third Prize:  Janet Kidson

Fran won first prize with her entry “The Jungle & Totem Poles”

The challenge was entitled “Loose Threads”,  and the participants were free to interpret the words in any manner they wished, on a quilt that was approximately A3 in size.

Ramona won second prize with her entry, ” Bush Retreat’

The winners each won a box, or bag, of Aurifil threads and, this year, all the other entrants also received a sample pack of Aurifil threads as a thank you gift for having the courage, and taking the time, to enter the Challenge.

Janet won third prize with this piece, titled “Backlit Orbweb”

There wouldn’t be any quilt shows if people didn’t participate, so next time you start to make excuses for not entering a quilt remember that old saying “practice makes perfect”.

It is certainly true when it comes to patchwork competitions, and an easy way to start is to enter one of your local Guild’s  small quilt challenges.

Like the “Loose Threads” challenge, they are often no bigger than an A3 page size, and may even be smaller, so they are a “low risk” way  to get started.

  • They will not use up very much fabric
  • Should not take months to stitch
  • You can experiment with new techniques, or colours.
  • When finished, they don’t take up a lot of storage space.

So next time your Guild, or favourite magazine, promotes a small challenge, be brave and have a go.

Photos of the above winning quilts have been posted with the permission of each owner.

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