A taste of Tifaifai

Recently I attended a workshop run by my local guild on Tifaifai quilts.  The tutor was Dijanne Cevaal, an Australian, well known here and overseas for her innovative quilts.  I enjoyed the weekend class very much and learnt a lot about this style of quilts as well as colour, quilting, and threads.    We were encouraged to develop our own designs rather than use the patterns from Dijanne’s book “Tifaifai Renaissance”.

Tifaifai quilt ready for quilting

I now have to spend some hours quilting around the raw edges of my design.  Dijanne usually quilts around the raw edges three or four times in an embroidery thread.  I started on my pattern using Ne 50 (our finest thread) but will now go over it in the ‘heavier’ weight Ne 28 and may only need to do another 2 ’rounds’.  It will all depend on the look I achieve.

Aurifil Ne 28 and Ne 50 both used for quilting

Then I will have to think about the type of quilting I will put in the background and on the borders.


As well – I have to consider quilting the ‘reverse’ quilt I have created!!  Putting the fabric on a completely different coloured background has made an entirely different looking quilt.  I rather like the colour combination!!

The ‘reverse’ of the design

All I need – is more hours in the day and more days in the week!!

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